LONDON, January 19. /TASS/. The world’s largest technology companies and streaming services including Amazon, Apple, Netflix, YouTube and Spotify, was accused of violating the EU last year, the General regulations of data protection (Global data protection regulation, the GDPR). As reported on Friday by the newspaper Financial Times (FT), against the American company were filed with the Austrian authority for supervision over observance of legislation on protection of personal data.

The publication notes that the violations allegedly allowed tech giants, the attention of the authorities decided to draw the Austrian initiative group None of your business (NOYB), which advocates that private companies respect and protect the rights of its users. Representatives NOYB declare that the above companies cannot give their customers straight answers to the question about who they share data about their users, how to sell and how to buy this information for advertising and other purposes. According to activists, this leads to a systematic violation of the rights of people who use the services of these companies. NOYB founder Max Schrems in 2011 filed lawsuits and complaints against Facebook to force the company to abandon a practice that violates the right of users to inviolability of their private life.

In NOYB also pay attention to the fact that, although in accordance with the provisions of the new European law, companies are now required upon request to provide their users with all their personal details, meaning that a little bit. Arrays of raw data, typically transmitted to users in convenient formats, and to non-specialists, it is extremely difficult to understand them.

“It is important to make a statement that you respect the rights of users, but you have to respect them in practice that such statements were not unfounded marketing, — said the representative of NOYB, lawyer Ioannis Kavakas make the text a complaint to the Austrian regulator. — If the user cannot understand the data that you give to him, this does not allow him to properly exercise their rights.”

YouTube and Netflix said the FT that comply with the GDPR, the rest of the company so far declined to comment.

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