The system was hacked instantly.

Just two days after the release of the final version of iOS 12 , it became known that hackers from the group of Ali Security managed to hack the operating system. The hackers posted a video showing the complete process of jailbreak final version iOS 12. And jailbreak running untethered, that is full, without having to perform any actions after shutdown or reboot your iPhone or iPad.

The procedure for jailbreaking iOS 12 were shown on the video. iPhone X running final version of iOS 12 cracked app Pandora. The entire jailbreak procedure takes less than a minute. After hacking on the iPhone X a Cydia app, which includes tweaks and apps for iOS jailbroken devices.

At the end of the video, the hackers have confirmed that the jailbreak is untethered by a reboot. X when the iPhone was involved it was reported that the device successfully hacked.

Note that the Pandora app that is used by hackers to perform a jailbreak, has a pleasant and complete interface. This could mean that the hackers are preparing the launch of a public version of the application. At the moment representatives of the group have not been confirmed its plans to launch applications for ordinary users.

Source: YouTube.


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