Not trying to prove what phone or what company is better to select several individual aspects in which the Galaxy Note 9 explicitly imposes the iPhone X.


• Built-in drive iPhone X: 64/256 GB.
• Built-in storage device the Galaxy Note 9: 128/512 GB + slot SD.

Samsung has doubled the memory capacity Note 9 to outdo Apple. However, the American company could have avoided this by inserting a gadget for $ 1,000 more capacious drive.

The owners Note 9 there is a possibility to expand its memory using SD cards, and Apple’s customers only have to pay Tim cook for the extra space in iCloud. Someone may be helpful, but, in fact, it is pure marketing.


Battery power iPhone X: 2716 mAh.
Power battery Galaxy Note 9: 4000 mAh.

From the first years of the existence of the iPhone, Apple insisted that if the battery works for 1 day, that is enough. In many cases, the iPhone simply does not withstand heavy load, especially in unstable network.

Because of this, iPhone users can’t afford to travel or just get out of the house for a day without the PowerBank.


In the case of the Galaxy Note 9 includes the notch for the stylus S Pen. Thanks to the Bluetooth accessory allows you to control the phone to do a selfie, to send commands to the media player, and much more.

Rumor has it that Apple is working on its own stylus for the iPhone. I hope that he will be as comfortable as the S Pen.

Support external monitor (really free and easy)

Galaxy Note 9 in just a few seconds connected to an external monitor via HDMI adapter — USB C. Immediately can play video, show a presentation or to run Hearthstone.

Any iPhone model this simplicity is not yet available. There are adapters, which allow you display images on a screen, but they are not included in the set of iOS devices. In the case of the Galaxy Note 9, the adapter included with this phone belongs to a new monitor as external, that is, you can run the video and use the phone for other purposes.

Along with the criticism I would like to remind that the iPhone X — last year’s flagship, Galaxy Note obstavini 9 in benchmark tests.


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