Phone Arena conducted a poll in which the best photographs were chosen by the users themselves. The lessee has made a few photos of the new models from various manufacturers — Huawei P30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Apple iPhone XS. This test was conducted “blind” — the photo was not stated on which they are made.

It is worth noting that examined the photos taken in the daytime. Thus, of the seven surveyed photographs, five times won the Samsung Galaxy S10+, iPhone XS was in the lead twice. Looking at the distribution of votes, it is clear that the difference between the two gadgets is negligible.

Well, Huawei P30 Pro in this battle lost as often photos taken on Chinese new gained less than 10% of the vote. In summarizing the experts Phone Arena noted that Huawei P30 Pro renders colours less realistic than its competitors, adding a more yellow tint.

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