The company PhoneBuff involved in performance testing, autonomy, and drop-tests, conducted a comparative test of resistance to falls new top-end smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and its rival, the Apple iPhone Xs Max. As it turned out, the iPhone Xs Max is more durable, despite the fact that both smartphones have a glass back panel.

Brand safety glass

The back panel is the Galaxy S10 Plus is made from glass Gorilla Glass 6, which according to the manufacturer 2 times stronger than Gorilla Glass 5 relatively. Official information about the manufacturer of the glass in the iPhone Xs Max is missing, in spite of this the majority of experts believes that the new smartphones Apple used Gorilla Glass 6.


Drop test PhoneBuff Galaxy S10 iPhone Plus and Xs Max consisted of four parts. In the first test, the device dropped on the back panel, the result is glass both smartphones were damaged, but the Galaxy S10+ this is manifested more markedly in the form of a grid of cracks.

Then smartphones fell and hit the corner, than both devices handled equally well and received minor scratches. In the third drop-test, the smartphone fell on the front panel, which led to serious damage of the glass, but the Galaxy S10 Plus they were more serious, including termination of the work are integrated into the display of the fingerprint scanner.

In conclusion, the smartphones 10 times in a row dropped on the front panel. The final test Galaxy S10 Plus suffered less damage and was retained sensor display, unlike the iPhone Xs Max, the sensor of which failed after 3 drops.

Test results

In the drop test PhoneBuff Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has been rated with 34 points out of 40, and the Apple iPhone Xs Max — 36 scores. Thus, in the ranking of udaroustojchivyj flagship of Samsung took 10th place, and 8th.

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