Advanced solutions for “anniversary” flagship.

All smartphones of the Galaxy series S10 will be equipped with a revolutionary fingerprint scanner embedded in the display. Two versions of the Galaxy S10 will get ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, and another one optical. This is evidenced by a leak from an unnamed informed sources.

A distinctive feature of the more advanced versions of Galaxy S10 will be the possibility of user identification by means of the ultrasonic sensor. It allows you to get more accurate and quick fingerprint recognition even under adverse conditions — for example, if the user’s hand is wet or dirty. Technology for the production of ultrasonic fingerprint sensors for Galaxy S10 will provide Qualcomm.

The “Junior” version of the Galaxy S10 will be installed more simple optical sensor integrated into the display. Unlike his revolutionary counterpart, he creates not three-dimensional and two-dimensional image-type digital camera. In the production of optical fingerprint scanner will be three times cheaper. However, it has the disadvantages of longer fingerprint recognition and inability to work in “extreme” conditions (high humidity or, conversely, dryness, and pollution).

However, as emphasized by the insider, in most scenarios, the optical fingerprint scanner shows perfectly. Samsung had planned to introduce it in Galaxy S8, but then the technology was still too immature. All these data are consistent with the claims of one of the top managers of Samsung that Galaxy S10 will get the innovative fingerprint scanner. The announcement of the Galaxy S10 is scheduled for February 2019. Sales of the flagship Samsung smartphone will start in March 2019.

Source: The Investor


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