Than it is interesting. Its differences from the competitors, strengths and weaknesses. Read our overview of all the most important thing that you need to know about this device.

Specifications Positioning Galaxy S10e is one of the most interesting aspects of this device. It is possible to say so much that would pull on separate article. This we can not afford, so I’ll limit ourselves to a couple of paragraphs.

The global trend in the increase in the size of smartphone screens has led to this race among vendors. Everyone tried to make a smartphone with a large display size and the maximum edge-to-edge. Note this caveat. A high percent screen-to-body ratio, which the vendors love to brag about the presentations on a smartphone with a large screen easier to reach.

In the end we got a not normal situation, when compact smartphones has been pushed by the marketing companies from the front line deep in the rear, and most of these vehicles belonged to the budget category.

The only island of reason in a world of Android smartphones was the company Sony, which all these years have made a true compact flagship. To remove her hat, but… in 2019 the Japanese manufacturer for some unknown reason to us have ceased to produce their famous series of Xperia Compact.

Another company that continues to do a mini-flagships, the Apple is, but it’s a different ecosystem, different audience, different prices and all other world.

It’s difficult to convey in words the suffering of the female part of the population, which had either to use a huge Android with shovels, either to buy outdated iPhone SE to shell out big money for the iPhone XS.

If we go back to the universe Android, Woe to the lovers of compact smartphones after the news of the closure of the range Xperia Compact, fortunately, did not last long as Sony took place, one of the leaders of the mobile market — Samsung.

The company released a true flagship Galaxy S10e. It is nothing but the lack of optical zoom in the camera, lower-resolution display and a different type of print scanner, not inferior to the elder models of the series Galaxy S10. But if the lack of optical zoom can still be considered a small compromise in terms of display, Full HD resolution for the diagonal of 5.8 inches is more than enough.

Why Samsung decided to release a smartphone? Can’t say with absolute certainty, but almost all experts agree that it was a response to the iPhone XR. If so, then thank Apple.

That is, the positioning of Galaxy S10e is: youth is a cool smartphone, the main competitor of iPhone XR. As an additional argument for that is the bright colors S10e. Somehow marketers believe that youth should love the bright colors. In our opinion, it is ageism, but it doesn’t matter.

We will agree to disagree with this positioning Galaxy S10e. It is NOT ONLY a youth device. This is a very versatile device with a significantly broader target audience. For young people it will be attractive price. Now it can be purchased for 40 thousand, and “white”, rostislavichi option. This is 15 thousand less than the iPhone XR. Another audience is women who are tired of smartphones monstrous proportions. And the third part CA — business people who need top-end but compact machine, which is freely inserted in the pants pocket, which a lot of talking, which can easily be operated with one hand. It does not play games, not watch movies — it is a work communication tool.

In practice, Consider the Galaxy S10e more details, without falling into technical tediousness.

Let’s start with trumps.

Ergonomics. It is almost perfect. In the hand the phone is like a glove. This is really the most compact smartphone with a screen diagonal of 5.8 inches. Capacitive fingerprint scanner (aka power button) is like the Sony Xperia Compact, on the right side of the smartphone. Right under your thumb. On the left side is a volume control and a button Bixby. Personal assistant Bixby — thing in Russia is quite useless, but the button can be reassigned. There is also a hybrid sim slots and miсroSD card, audio out for fans of old-school wired headphones and two very loud stereo speakers.

Is it convenient to use in this smartphone? Yes, especially with one hand. Yes, the speed and comfort of typing with two hands “spade” superior Galaxy S10e, but in terms of ease of operation with one hand he is superior to all other Android smartphones. Competitor in terms of ergonomics it is, in our opinion, only one — iPhone XS. He is also very good, but it costs exactly TWICE as expensive.

All the hardware Galaxy Galaxy S10 S10e repeats, except that the battery for the objective reasons a little less heated and S10e Galaxy during tests, and hardcore games a little more than the Galaxy S10. This seems to be a consequence of a denser internal linking. However, recall that such machines are bought all the same not to drive in Asphalt 9.

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