Paul Gorodnitsky – about the tragic fate of undervalued Korean flagship.

Samsung in a panic. All goals are forgotten, all forecasts are adjusted all the advertising campaign failed – Galaxy S9 corny useless.

He appears in the charts of the best selling devices exclusively due to the fact that it can be purchased almost anywhere in the world. But these ratings are not what consolation bosses of the company. They see a completely different statistic – one that shows that S9 snapping even slower than the S3 in 2012.

Now Samsung is trying to promote “nine” in a variety of ways: for her purchase the best seats in the electronics shops, her PR bloggers, even the prices of the device falling every week – all to no avail. Not help even gentle conditions trade-ins: explosive sales after the first weekend has not happened.

For Koreans this failure will be a lesson and a motivation: apparently, the Koreans will invest in the Galaxy S10 all the technology that they have accumulated – with the exception, perhaps, of flexible screen. The rest (five cameras, the sensor of the fingerprint in the display, and a 3D face scanner, and so on) is bound to be built – all in order to make up for the collapse of the S9.

However, S10 debuts only in the beginning of 2019, so now we have to deal with the “nine”. Below is all of her flaws.

Samsung too believed in myself

Galaxy S8 is clearly infatuated with Koreans head. It is always a good thing and the first day we gathered reviews from journalists, so designers Samsung followed Apple and two years in a row, drew one and the same body. It is not known who approved this strategy, but the idea is totally idiotic: you can not be so naive and does not take into account the experience of the Android market. HTC and Sony already got burned on the same design, why repeat their mistakes?

In Samsung about such little things thought, hoping without tension to hose people some money. It did not work: as far as I know, the output S9 only spurred sales of the S8 – old flagship almost the same, but much cheaper. Especially at the start, when “nine” was sold for 60 thousand, and “eight” were worth 38.

One camera is already a little

Another point in which Samsung ridiculous parodied Apple. In Cupertino still clamped dual-camera 4.7-inch (Junior) devices, but who said it should be allowed to do to the Koreans?

Of course, they can’t. They may explain to the users that even a single module is able to make cool shots at the expense of a brilliant post-processing, but the mass market such details do not care. There are two cameras – norms. No sucks. In 2018, the marketing paradigm sound that way.

Do not hammer on the battery

Immediately after the release of S9 flooded with news that the flagship holds a charge critically bad – worse than S8. Yes, quickly charging, but when connected to an expensive smartphone (800-900$) to have the cord a couple of times a day is annoying. Then Samsung slightly tweaked the autonomy updates, but why couldn’t you just present a long lasting camera?

As far as I know, the history of batteries is worse than it seems: people who saw the headlines about poor autonomy, it is still disturbingly interested in the consultants that everything is in order. And, after hearing the verdict still in doubt whether to take the risk.

So in S10 Samsung is obliged to solve the issue. But preferably without explosions.

Fierce competition

Samsung now has a Galaxy S8/S8+, Galaxy S9/S9+, and even Galaxy Note 8 cheaper. All these smartphones are from 35 to 50 thousand and are competing. While that win devices from 2017 – perhaps the time S9 comes after the release of S10. But the fact is that other manufacturers have also successfully targeted this segment.

Samsung wanted to show what their camera the coolest? PF, Huawei released bezrobotnych with three cameras, and Xiaomi has overtaken iPhone X photo.

Samsung tried to surprise someone with power? OnePlus 6 and its gargantuan inventory of RAM did not allow those dreams come true.

Samsung believed that someone will buy Galaxy S9 for dock DeX, which turns a smartphone into a computer? No, this idea is also not gone.

And the final, most humiliating chord, while the Koreans are worried about low sales frameless Galaxy S9 Apple sells tons of iPhone 8, despite the ancient design, wide frame, single camera and 4.7-inch screen. It is definitely a knockout that perfectly demonstrates how big the gap between Apple and Android brands.

Okay, but in the “gray” Russian stores Galaxy S9 is already 39-40 thousand. Is it worth taking?

Completely. He’s productive, he’s got a really good camera and an outstanding screen, and it is rapidly recharged. Plus it has no annoying neckline, copied the iPhone X.

So if you need a smartphone from the famous brand, forget about sales statistics – S9 better than about him written and said.


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