Research company Gartner called Huawei’s second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. As calculated by analysts, in II quarter of the year, the Chinese firm pushed from 2nd place to Apple: it sold of 49.8 million units (9.8% more than last year), occupying 13.3% of the market.

Apple during the same period sold to 44.7 million iPhones by 12.1% less than in II quarter of 2017. i company received a share of 11.9%. The position of the leader, Samsung, also weakened: the Koreans sold 72.3 million smartphones — is 12.7% less than last year.

State of Affairs experts explained the “increasing competition from Chinese producers,” as well as a decline in demand for the flagship model. While Huawei was able to increase sales volumes as the average (line Honor), and high-class such as P20 Pro. As noted by the Director of research of Gartner Anshul Gupta, the company “continues to expand its portfolio of smartphones to reach larger segments of consumers.”

For Apple, the decline was expected: the company the firm Tim cook updates the smartphone only once a year, and consumers expect innovations. At the same time, “demand for iPhone X started slowing down much earlier than was represented by the new model,” said Gupta.

The fourth spot is occupied by Xiaomi. For the second quarter, the Chinese implemented 32.8 million smartphones — 5.8% more than a year ago. The market share of Xiaomi is estimated at 8.8%.

∎In the tablet market well only Apple and Huawei read more

According to Gartner, during the reporting period, the global smartphone market overall grew by 2% to 374 million units. The most popular mobile “OSes” Google Android remains, occupying 88% of the market, Apple’s iOS is 11.9%.


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