American businessman of Belarusian origin and marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk in the new episode own YouTube show program criticized Apple’s “Planet of Apps”.

Gary Vaynerchuk is an American entrepreneur, author of several bestsellers and a popular Internet persona. The greatest popularity he gained thanks to working in the wine business in the field of digital marketing.

It turns out that “Planet of Apps” could be very different if Apple listened to the advice of the marketer.

“I was on the show Apple’s “Planet of Apps” — Gwyneth, will, Jessica Alba, I. And Apple didn’t cooperate with me or with my company Vayner Media for marketing events and did everything wrong,” said Gary in the latest edition of his podcast, “Ask Gary Vee”.

In the earliest episodes of “Planet of Apps” Gary participated as one of the judges. However, he and representatives of Apple could not agree on how they will promote the show.

Vaynerchuk says, not because of what it arose. He mentions that Apple organized a meeting, where in addition he was invited by Jimmy Iovine, the event went very well. Gary notes that he doesn’t trust anyone in marketing.

Apple did not take the criticism Gary. And the show “Planet of Apps”, despite a few star presenters, could not boast of high ratings. In all there were ten episodes of this program. And though officially the project is not closed, the new series has not aired for over a year.


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