“In the world children still die from hunger, and the EU wants us chipped in for the restoration of the building. I just don’t understand,” writes not some obscure leftist activist, and star of the Ryder Cup golfer Thomas Pieters. The change of wind were noticed by the international media. Lunges in the same direction make Forbes, The Washington Post, CNN and other publications.

Multimillion-dollar donations to Notre Dame promised to make several of the richest families in France, as well as a number of major companies including Total, Societe Generale and even Apple. It all started with stoelinga donations Francois Pinault that his longtime rival and competitor in the market of luxury goods and services Bernard Arnault said two hundred millions.

As writes USA Today, it provoked critics: that the fat cats are willing to squander such sums on a wave of hype, they clearly have extra money. And, therefore, more important social problems can be solved — enough to motivate billionaires, for example, increasing taxes. Additional question including CNN, should donations for the restoration of Notre Dame be taken into account when calculating the tax benefits megadonors?

To play back motion of a pendulum and trying policy, but not always successfully. Us Senator and competitor Donald trump in the race for the nomination, Ted Cruz tried to make a joke about the donation Disney, “Fine. Disney Princess stained glass in the Windows also appear?” Twitter users, according to The Washington Post, blasted the Senator for the faux pas and called it the gargoyle.

As for the architectural investigation of the tragedy, according to CNN, the main version is a short circuit. However, according to sources of the TV channel, the Prosecutor’s office at this stage does not exclude any of the hypotheses. Questioned 40 people, but so far nothing points to criminal version.

Meanwhile, since the restoration of the Cathedral will take years, rector of Notre Dame Patrick Chauvet suggested not to sit idly by. “We must not think that Notre Dame will be closed for five years and all. Why not build in front of him a temporary Cathedral?” — BBC quotes the priest. According to Chauvet, wood design will be a beautiful and symbolic. It is reported that a preliminary agreement on the project has already given the mayor of Paris.

Good news: according to the results of the inspection of the affected building media write about the “bee miracle.” As it turned out, next to the twin towers of the Notre Dame was placed bee hives, and their fire is not affected.

Hives appeared on the Paris roofs in 2013 in the framework of the city authorities to improve biodiversity. And last night it became known that the fire survived, and the bees themselves. Beekeeping company Beeopic reported it to Instagram with the hashtag #miracle.

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