Company David Brown Automotive has revealed three models of Mini Remastered at the international Geneva motor show.

After a memorable appearance at last year’s event, which included the presentation of the car Speedback Silverstone Edition with an embarrassing spelling mistake in the title, presents options Mini Remastered showroom-inspired retro style, full of advanced technologies and high quality materials.

David Brown Mini Remastered is much more than a restored classic Mini. In fact, the British company builds each Mini-Remastered from scratch with the help of individual body panels. Representatives from David Brown saying that it takes about 1400 hours to turn basic Mini luxury Mini Remastered with a modern engine, transmission and leather trim, new instrument panel and infotainment system Pioneer with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Mini Remastered, according to David Brown Automotive, is estimated at 75 000 pounds (98 $ 800) and can reach an impressive 100,000 lbs/131 738 dollars (when using optional parts).

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