While Jonathan Ive is still with Apple. According to reports, this will happen later this year. However, experts are already beginning to ponder who can replace Ive as chief designer. Some believe that the most likely candidate is Jeff Williams, chief operating officer of Apple.

Jeff Williams is the chief operating officer of Apple in 2015. Prior to that, he was actively involved in the development of the first Apple smart watch. Employees say that Williams pays much attention to product philosophy. The same approach is shared by Jonathan Ive.

Until the Apple watch Jeff Williams also participated in the development of the iPhone 4. Sources say that for quite a long time, he went with the prototype of the “Quartet” to find out what materials are better for the body of a new machine.

According to the journalists edition of the Wall Street Journal, in recent years, Jeff Williams shows interest in design, philosophy and positioning of new Apple products. Some experts even note that the chief operating officer of Apple is interested in novelties noticeably stronger than Tim cook, which is more than important financial metrics, not feelings and impressions from the products of the company.

At this stage, Williams selected by Apple for the role of acting Jonathan Ive. He also help Apple’s Vice President of industrial design Evans Hankey and Vice-President in interface design Alan Grant. However, it is possible that in the future Williams will take the place of Apple’s design chief.


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