The intricacies of partnership working
The first thing to understand when entering a game: online courses — a service, not a social mission. Service is important to sell profitably and efficiently provide. Many companies think that their content will, by default, interesting to a wide audience, but it’s not. The video is a small part of the process is much more important to develop a learning methodology and to consider ways of distribution of content.

The methodology we have developed from scratch. This helped our expertise and 18 years experience in Internet marketing. But the issue of implementation of the course has remained open.

To sell a product or service in the unknown region, in this case e-Learning is very risky. The easiest way to avoid complications is to find an experienced partner with technical infrastructure and a working scheme of distribution, for example, a major online University or educational platform.
Partner closes several “pains” associated with the distribution of content, but it has its price. If you work not alone, get ready to pay up to 50% of the profits from the course. But besides money, there are a few things to consider.

System. If you have nothing but a great idea — partner will help to screw her to a full product. We didn’t have problems with expertise, but lacked the tools and the experience of creating such products. The partner is taught how to divide the course into blocks, to unite the modules in the program and make the course easy to grasp.

A professional Studio. A quality course is not to prepare without a professional Studio. Some take the lecture on a mobile phone, but the market leader with this approach not to be. We wanted to make quality content, and it is expensive: shooting and editing one course cost 200-250 thousand rubles. No less important, and the competence of the Studio in creating the courses. Partner has provided us with the equipment and experienced professionals.

Risks. But most importantly, what the best partner is risk minimization. If you do not go course made with a partner, we will regret it just about the time experts who prepared the reports. And if you do not shoot an independent course, the company will lose everything: the cost of shooting and marketing. We have reduced the risk and this has compromised their own profit.

Error production
Today we sell four courses on Internet marketing. All they are located at the site of our partner, an online University. Teamwork is very different from an independent project. We the kings — any who do not adapt and work according to their standards. With a partner have to agree on the terms, and to negotiate and tolerate each other in unpleasant moments.
Basically sums technique and individual performers. There was a case when I spent an hour talking to the camera, and out came a silent movie. It turned out, the operator forgot to turn on the microphone.

Another example: our company runs on Windows, Studio on the Mac. The first time we brought the presentation in pptx format. When macOS logical unravel at the seams. The operator set up the camera and was preparing to withdraw, and the speaker with the producer rearranged the pictures on the laptop.
These pesky little things were sometimes annoying, but still not cover the benefits of cooperation. Long coordinating creatives for an advertising campaign? Partner is waiting. The eternal struggle of the formats that Microsoft and Apple? Frustrating, but solvable. In the work the emotions out, therefore, such details do not affect the quality of the material.

Content is king
Before our collaboration partner have already sold a course on digital marketing, but it was too bright. Speaker on “Yandex. Directives” praised and scolded is SEO specialist search engine optimization disliked context and SMM. “Internet marketer” from Ingate came to the court because it was not controversial in the content, and all channels were studied in school — comprehensively and consistently.

When he closed the first sale, we opened the champagne and congratulated each other. Thought I would collect the cream, and then calmly prepare the next course. But we were wrong.

Life course in digital lasts an average of four to six months. Yes, some of the materials will live forever, but it is rather the exception. Every six months the Internet is generating a search algorithm or promotional tool. It is impossible to prepare experts, relying on outdated data.
To support informative courses, it is important to constantly monitor the news and update modules. Yes, it’s complicated, and in the case of self-shooting, and still very expensive, but necessary. But the planned rewriting — not so bad. It is possible to foresee and to budget. Unfortunately, there are situations when the change of the content has suddenly.

Our first product, the course “Internet marketer”, was aimed at beginners. The following courses are intended for advanced users. But, as it turned out, Haimovich topics, which include digital, part of the audience is not strongly dependent on positioning. We conducted a survey: about 70% of our students were not related to Internet marketing, but the others have experience in marketing departments.

The trouble came from our core audience. The first buyers of course complained about the complexity of SEO module. This was learned from the chat: in this course, all students filled up the teacher questions about the material. Looking at this, we care about students and overwrite the whole module — 18 lessons. The project team has completely changed the structure of the block, duration, simplified speech. It was necessary that people have learned the material.

After this incident, we realized that when creating content you need to be a person with minimal background. Look at the number of questions: five more on the same topic — it’s time to act.

If something does not understand one student, it is enough to cheer: “Everything is normal, ask, explain”. But when such reviews are repeated from half of the group, change or pereupakovannaya content. Leave feedback without attention — it will be negative, which will influence sales.

Speakers and movies
Another important task is to find and prepare speakers. When the company employs 700 experts to do it seems to be easy. In fact it turns out that half of the employees not suitable for filming, and a quarter of the remaining does not want publicity. But still want a lot. After many auditions we decided that for the speaker the only important two qualities: the ability to speak on camera and experience in their field.

The key to successful performance is not only the preparation and long rehearsals, but also psychological stability. Knowledge of the report material does not prevent the rocking of the camera view. When recording it is important to keep the intonation, pace of speech and do not stray, and it is difficult even for an experienced speaker what to speak about beginners.

It is a vicious circle: any clause rewrites, more rewrites, more fatigue, more fatigue — more reservations. Usually the hour of the captured content is two hours in the Studio, but sometimes longer. One of the speakers set a record — for a five-minute speech left an hour.

Sometimes the shooting ends mystically. Great report, confident rehearsal, and the installation leaves a nightmare — not a person but a robot. This happened with one of the best experts. Something had to decide with a difficult teacher that the material is absorbed worse, there are questions and negative. We replaced the speaker and re-recorded module. Now we do a test recording to evaluate the quality of the performance to installation.

Interim results
Will upset those who expect after the release of course to do nothing and to calculate income. Our responsibilities do not end at the stage of content production. We check homework, help students, give feedback, conduct closed webinars for potential students — all in this school.
Our achievements can be translated into numbers:

started with one course, now is six: four are sold, two are recorded;

turnover from all courses increased from 0.7 to 8 million rubles per month;

the number of students exceeded 2 500 people;

thanks to the coordinated work of a course is written much faster than in the beginning — only 2-2,5 months.

Our future plans are simple: we do not plan to stay in the six courses. The online education market is growing on average by 20% per year, modern professions are not taught in the universities and the army, marketers must continually improve competence.
The key to solving this problem — the speed of learning, no time is left to swallow the dust of the faster and more successful. We are taught in modern professions of thousands of students, but also learned a lot.


To enter the online education market in two ways: independently or with a partner. An independent method is more profitable, but a partner to share in the risks for failure and will always help.

When creating content cure “syndrome” expert: to objectively evaluate the level of the audience and not get carried away by terms. Watch the mood of the students through feedback and if necessary, change course.

The expertise of the speaker — not all. Not less important is the experience of public speaking, a living language and the ability to hold an audience.

Involve their students in the educational process: host events, webinars, offer free content. Students will be more likely to recommend the course. Tested!

Consider the money. If you understand that the rate for four months is not “dispersed”, promptly change the positioning, marketing or content.

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