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2019 has the potential to become the most important in the entire relatively short history of the industry of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Investors see a new round of growth of quotations of digital assets after a long “winter of the cryptocurrency”, the financial regulators (including the international monetary Fund) is increasingly perceived cryptocurrency in a positive way, and analysts are predicting new all-time highs of bitcoin prices in the near future. Cryptocurrencies have once again become part of the public agenda: they discuss in the parliaments of different countries, they criticize or praise politicians — even the President of the United States Donald trump felt it necessary to speak about this phenomenon in his “Twitter”.

To date, however, the most important trend in the industry of cryptocurrency is the emergence in this market of global corporations, whose business was originally nothing to do with Baccano. That this happens is not surprising — rather it is astounding the fact that it occurs only in 2019, a decade later, after Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first block in the bitcoin network. Throughout this time the industry of digital assets has been able to maintain relative autonomy from the world of traditional corporations in this market had its leaders and their “unicorns” (like the largest cryptocurrency exchanges of the world Binance). Despite the unprecedented dynamics of the new asset class a few years ago, most of the captains of big business treated him with ill-concealed skepticism. In 2019, the situation finally changed when the Facebook Corporation has confirmed the long-discussed rumors and officially announced the development of its own cryptocurrency Libra project, designed to create a global digital currency for instant payments, which would be available to everyone. Very indicative of the fact that until recently Facebook was not even allowed to advertise on their platforms any cryptocurrency projects, thereby strengthening their reputation something not quite legal and associated fraud and Internet crime.

The Libra project has met with opposition from regulators and, quite possibly, will not be implemented — the company has seen fit to warn investors in the last financial report. However, its role in legitimizing this phenomenon in the eyes of the public initiative Facebook has already played.

Your blockchain is preparing to launch and created by Pavel Durov messenger Telegram. The system Telegram Open Network (TON) is even more ambitious than the project of Mark Zuckerberg. The system of multiple blockchains will be integrated in popular messaging app, not only digital transactions, but also the functions for safe storage and sharing files, as well as a platform for decentralized applications (Dapps). At the time ICO TON has become one of the largest in the industry, having collected $1.7 billion, with the results of the development we will be able to see before the end of October this year. The change in society’s attitude to the phenomenon of crypto-currencies makes them an effective marketing tool, and more and more companies seek to associate themselves with them. So, a leading manufacturer of smartphones Samsung has added to their latest models, the functionality of the cryptocurrency wallet, and it is unlikely that competitors like Apple and Huawei will be able to stay away from this trend.

Thus, the yield on the cryptocurrency market and associated services large corporations will contribute to the future mass deployment of digital assets in our lives and make industry more competitive, which, no doubt, only enhance the standards of quality and safety for end users.

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