A special selection of NSN important events on the international stage by Wednesday morning, July 24. 1 the U.S. justice Department accused of arrogance for attempting censorship Muller on Wednesday, July 24 former spectacular the US Department of justice Robert Mueller, who oversaw the investigation attributed to Russia’s intervention in the American presidential election of 2016, will testify before two committees of the house of representatives in this case. At 08:30, local time in Washington (15:30 GMT) Mueller will answer questions from lawmakers on the Judiciary Committee of the lower house of Congress. After three hours and a short break, the former spectacular appear before the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives and will hold there for another two hours. All five hours of speeches Mueller in Congress will be broadcasted on the main television channels and online resources United States. On the eve of the White house urged Mueller not to go in their responses beyond presented to them in April this year, a 448-page report on the “Russian case”. The U.S. justice Department said that some of the areas of investigation covered “Executive privilege”, which allows us presidents to hide some information from other branches of government. In Congress this statement of the Ministry of justice had apprehended in bayonets. The Chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the U.S. house of representatives Gerald Nadler said that Mueller does not necessarily follow the instructions of the White house, and the Ministry was accused of arrogance. “I think it’s incredibly arrogant on the part of the Ministry to try to instruct him what to say. This is part of an ongoing campaign by the administration to withhold information from the American people”, — quotes Reuters the Congressman. Recall that after almost two years of investigation Mueller and his team was unable to provide evidence of “collusion” election headquarters trump with the Russian side. However, the report Muller contained 10 potential violations of the President trump the laws of the country, and also States that Russia interfered in American elections and tried to help Trump to become President. 2 Boris Johnson could cost $60 billion as Prime Minister of Britain Elected leader of the Conservative party and preparing to become Prime Minister Boris Johnson promises at any cost to withdraw Britain from the European Union. According to Bloomberg, this could cost the country $ 60 billion. In addition to the considerable cost of exit from the EU without a deal that Johnson, unlike his predecessor, Theresa may admits as a viable option of parting, the future Prime Minister promised tax cuts will not raise so much of the country’s GDP, as it forms the hole in the budget. Recall that Johnson will have to complete the process Brexit until 31 October, with a deal or without it. 3 the U.S. Government has launched an investigation against a major online platforms, the U.S. Department of justice launched an antitrust investigation against a major online platforms. Although the official statement did not contain the names of specific companies, the media are sure that we are talking about a group of Big Tech or “Big four”, which includes Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft sometimes. The American authorities are going to find out how leading companies have achieved benefits in the IT market and not do they suppress competition. As the Financial Times, shares fell on the order of 1.1 to 1.8 per cent after the announcement of the Ministry of justice to launch an investigation. 4 China accused the United States in the Hong Kong protests, Beijing has accused the “black hands” of the US in political unrest in Hong Kong. The Chinese government reminded America that “Hong Kong is China’s Hong Kong”. This was stated press Secretary of the foreign Ministry, Hua chunin. Weeks of protests, which were mainly concentrated on the Hong Kong government on Sunday took a different course when protesters attacked the representation of Beijing in Hong Kong, causing the black paint on the national emblem of the people’s Republic of China. Since then, Beijing has intensified its rhetoric, published a series of editorials condemning the protesters and allowing the spread of images and news reports of vandalism in social networks, where almost all of the content associated with the protests in Hong Kong, previously censored, writes The Guardian.

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