A special selection of NSN important events on the international stage by Thursday morning, September 26. 1 Johnson again refused to request a postponement of Brexia British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he will not ask the European Union to postpone Breccia, despite a law passed by Parliament. Thus Johnson responded to a question about whether it to ask Brussels to delay the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union for three months, if by 19 October he will not be able to conclude with the EU a new deal on the terms of Breccia or confirmed by Parliament, leaving the organisation without a deal. Meanwhile, according to the law, which came into force on 9th September, Johnson will have to do it. 2 the United States plans to launch an investigation against Facebook, U.S. attorney General William Barr instructed the justice of the country to open an antitrust investigation against Facebook, says Bloomberg, citing a source. It is noted that according to the agreement signed by the Ministry of justice with the Federal trade Commission (FTC) in may, the antitrust division of the Department worked with both Google Google and Apple, and the FTC — the decision of legal disputes relating to Facebook and Amazon. Now, according to Bloomberg, the agreement will be revised, as U.S. attorney General want to answer for Facebook. Recall that in the summer in the U.S. Congress held hearings on the growing market power of companies Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. They had to respond to the claims of hindering competition, market dominance and carefree use of user data. 3 the IMF changed the head of the New head of the International monetary Fund (IMF) became the representative of Bulgaria and chief Executive officer of the world Bank Kristalina Georgieva. She took the post of managing Director of the IMF for a period of five years. We will remind that the previous head of the IMF Christine Lagarde was nominated to the position of the European Central Bank. She officially left office on September 12. Georgieva will take up his duties as head of the IMF from 1 October.

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The Playboy star will head the press service of the city hall


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