In 2007, the al Gore — the former candidate for presidents of the USA — introduced the world to the global warming, which most climate scientists and physicists believe another myth. On the planet actually observed temperature increase, and the person is really chopping wood, kills animals, pollutes the ocean and land. However, the temperature rise leads to quite different processes, which from man are not affected. In fact, in the future we can expect little ice age.

Planetary threat

In 2007, the screens out a documentary film “an Inconvenient truth”. Took it off, former Vice President al Gore. In it, the politician says that because of the imminent global warming we are waiting for planetary disaster. Climate change caused by increasing amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2), which emit industrial enterprises and cars.

This creates a greenhouse effect, heating the Earth’s surface. However, at school we remember that even before the emergence of human civilization on the planet had ice ages that were followed by warming and melting glaciers. Why the climate is changing, although the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere people have not discarded? The issue is complex — we need to understand.

“An inconvenient truth” cunning politics

“An inconvenient truth” won two Oscars, and Gore himself became a Nobel laureate. However, this story is not so smooth. In 2000, al Gore lost the race for President of the United States, that did not prevent him from becoming a successful businessman. Policies — co-owner of the channel Current was included in the Board of Directors of Apple Inc. and worked as an Advisor to Google.

In 2008 revealed that on house Mountain, Tennessee is spent in 20 times more energy than the U.S. national average
In 2004 Alan Mountains together with the former CEO of Goldman Sachs David blood was organized in London company Generation Investment Management, which manages funds for environmental projects. Campaign Alan Gore to “save” the planet from warming — a sound project designed to draw attention to a new niche — environmental investment. The calculation of the business worked, and in 2018 under the control of a Generation was 19 billion dollars.

Gore himself admitted that a niche is developing with the speed of the industrial and digital revolutions. According to the international consulting company Mercer shares Generation for the past three years, hold a yield of 17.5% per year. Alan Gore earns the lectures, which are read around the world, though his theory about the warming just a marketing ploy.

Man is powerless, the Sun decides

The climate of our planet is volatile and cyclical. When in the tenth century the Vikings landed in Greenland, the island was covered with vegetation, and they called it “the Green land”. Today it’s covered with ice. 1300 years on Earth were observed cold, and even the Mediterranean coast in the winter was freezing. No confirmed scientific evidence that the greenhouse effect affects the climate.

Flash on the Sun’s surface

The temperature of the troposphere (lower layer of earth’s atmosphere) depends on a dozen factors, but the main oscillations of the solar activity and the inclination of the rotation axis of the Earth relative to the perpendicular plane of its revolution around the Sun. In his film albert Gore claims that the temperature rise caused by increased CO2 content in the atmosphere. However, it is not so: the change in CO2 is a consequence of temperature change, not the cause.

Al Gore during a lecture on climate change

The main cause of climate change is the fluctuation of the angle of precession of the Earth, which occur under the influence of its tidal interactions with the Moon and the Sun. The findings of scientists we live at the peak of the warming which began in the 70-ies of XX century, had on the rising phase of the 60-year solar activity.

A new ice age

British researchers at Northumbria University concluded that the planet is waiting for the little ice age, which for many years says the Russian geophysicist and the enemy warming doctor of Sciences Alexander Gorodnitsky. The cold will be in the 2020-2030 years and it is caused by solar activity, which will be reduced by 60%.

Doctor of geological-mineralogical Sciences Alexander Gorodnitsky Moiseevich

In science this phenomenon is known under the name of “Maunder minimum” — a long-term reduction of spots on the surface of the Sun. Humanity has repeatedly faced with a cold. The last time the little ice age occurred in 1645-1715 years.

The frozen Thames in the London area

Aggravates the situation and the weakening of the Gulf stream, which for the moment carries 50 million cubic meters of warm water and puts the US and Europe 8-10 degrees. The power gains the cold Labrador current, is able to block the Gulf stream and to contribute to the cooling of the planet. The future of cold is the beginning of a new ice age, which will not happen abruptly, but will last for thousands of years.

And what’s up with carbon dioxide

A staunch opponent of the fight against the greenhouse effect became the President of the National Academy of Sciences, USA Professor Frederick Seitz, who in their petition to the US government wrote:

“There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane or other greenhouse gases is causing or may in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and climate disruption. In addition, there is substantial scientific evidence that show that the increase in atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide leads to a positive influence on the natural growth of plants and animals”.

Document Frederick Seitz signed the 15 thousand American scientists. Interestingly, the USA, hence the “trend” of global warming did not become a member of the Kyoto agreement. It encourages countries to reduce CO2 emissions by reducing the volume of the industry. In the United States know how to count money, but to popularize the idea has not ceased. From the Kyoto agreement came Canada, and in 2012, Russia.

The Wrestler Leonardo DiCaprio

Advanced media and the public continue to inflate the myth of the melting glaciers, the ocean of sunken cities and the future universal disaster. Supported the struggle of the Hollywood stars who use warming as infopovod to Express yourself and create the image of the fighter.

Leonardo DiCaprio during a March of supporters of global warming

On TV are singers, actors, Swedish Schoolgirls, but not scientists who understand that we live at the peak of a relatively small local warming. After it will begin a new phase of cooling. A true icon of warming — a favorite of millions and just handsome Leonardo DiCaprio, who in 2016, made a documentary “Save the planet”.

Leonardo DiCaprio speaks about climate change at the headquarters of the UN

Before the ceremony of the Oscar Leonardo DiCaprio was organized and paid for the flight, the Australian make-up artist Sharon Lee Hamiliton from Sydney to Los Angeles and back. For a beautiful eyebrow shape is the famous actor and fighter against climate change, the girl flying on a private plane 24 thousand kilometers, and that 14 tons of carbon dioxide, which causes warming. In order to receive an award for environmental work, DiCaprio flew 6.5 thousand kilometers and only for April-may of 2014 made on his private plane 6 flights.

Selfless struggle for the climate does not prevent the actor to be friends with Saudi Sheikh Mansour, who earns in the production and sale of oil. Today the imaginary fight with the warming trend that the stars beneficial to maintain, and DiCaprio is a vivid example.

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