About LG so long ago, there was nothing that enthusiasts began to whisper, he says, the company is already dead. But Koreans do not give up, and work on our mistakes. And here we have the first LG smartphone that is worth the wait not to laugh at the price and forget about it forever, but as a real alternative to the Samsung and the Chinese. But there were no signs…

Those are right who say that LG all bad. Cell phones almost never buy, so LG shifts the profit from the sale of television sets in the mobile unit, developing cheap smartphones in collaboration with Indian Micromax (it’s as if Audi asked for help to AVTOVAZ) and in Russia in General does not make any movements for six months. The latest LG smartphone, which started to sell in Russia, G7 was Fit — a stripped-down version of the flagship LG G7 with high quality screen, good sound and water resistance, but the slow CPU and terrible battery life. It was in January 2019, the first batch sold out with difficulty, the new is not brought.

After that LG realized that to make the smartphone “circumcision” have other characteristics, took the time to think, released “the coolest” LG V50, “the flagship of the ordinary” LG G8, and Russia’s made it a cheaper version of the LG G8s.

Enthusiasts now would certainly think that all of these worsened to Russia and banana republics LG, as a rule, was a questionable purchase for a fortune — just remember LG G5 SE in a hot and voracious Snapdragon 652 with a small battery asked the same money as for a full LG G5 Snapdragon 820 abroad.

But there are two important differences: — Now the smartphone does not look crooked and stupid set of characteristics — LG promised reasonable (to the extent possible for Koreans) and competitive price.

And it is here that all the Weathertop…

Still, the design of the smartphone may become out of date even in the modern era, rounded bricks with notches in the screens. LG G8 began to design in the days when redrawn X iPhone was still an honor, graduated from engineering at the time of flowering compact cut-“droplets”, and now, when self-camera cut out circle in the screen or making it retractable, and the screen — the maximum edge-to-edge.

But here we have the smartphone-the”novelty”, which is not even announced the price, and it looks model two years ago. Because this wide unibrow in the screen came to us from 2017, and many manufacturers have already managed to hold her where her place is in the Museum of ugly design smartphonetoday.

And it will be very interfere with the sales of LG G8s even though the smartphone is generally good — still meet on clothes.

By the way, very funny to see how Koreans are hypocrites and are presented with a space on either side of the bangs as a “second screen”. If you don’t understand, LG thus suggests that redrew the “bangs” are not the IPhone, and just added “and a separate screen for notifications”, as it was in smartphones LG V20, V10 and X View. In any case, I want to fill the space around the cutout completely black, not to see this horror. And imagine how it would have been bad if on the left, near the clock, instead of notifications spun some nonsense like MegaFon Fastest.

Body materials are also a bit confused. Yes, now everyone (not just flagship) smartphones became glass and glossy. But only in LG, and even Nokia 9 PureView, the body is deliberately mirrored piano. While Huawei and Xiaomi are playing with the gradient (mixed) colors, OPPO is trying to slap the “silk” to the touch, a brilliant fusion of glass and plastic, and sells the most Samsung Galaxy S10 to beautiful and mark and mother-of-pearl, LG picks “metallic silver”. Yes, it all looks very cool, but only as long as you don’t take the smartphone in hand and not turn back into a kind of greasy tray from grilled chicken. If LG will give a choice of several colors in Russia, it is better to choose white smartphone — it will not be so pretentious in appearance, but the most practical.

I look at black leather heel is your old LG G4 and I don’t know what fashion has come to — how did we come to the fact that smartphones matte paint on top of metal with leather cover traded on the brand of glitter?

Another drawback is the power button and lock (she was right) easily confused with call button Google Assistant (she left). Given that and the volume control there is separate buttons, not a solid rocker, this is the number of similar-looking buttons on the smartphone sometimes causes confusion. But you can get used.

By the way, unlike “just” LG G8, which the camera is installed flush with the casing of G8s they are almost horizontal block on the rear panel. Very samsonovsky, but it’s better than another new iPhone stolen and redrawn the vertical camera unit, as it likes to do Huawei.

And the curved screen, thank God no, but just have very small borders on the sides. Always be so.

But practicality is still the disorder is to take at least two slots for nano-SIM and microSD card. First, it is hybrid — that is, the second SIM card, and memory card at the same time can not deliver. Second, slot some flimsy — that and look will break. The story of collapsing after several replacements SIM slots for LG G6 anything Koreans are not taught.

But the cons end smartphone (except that the price is still unknown). Not only disadvantages of appearance, and the disadvantages at all. Except that, with the appearance we’re not finished yet:

Yes, despite the obvious “elite” models, the manufacturer has not forgotten about the 3.5 mm headset Jack. What would we do without LG and Samsung? They seem to be the only one in the pricey top models, do not forget about this Jack. Hey, Apple, you know that the phone can be dustproof, waterproof and have a 3.5 mm input? Yes, LG G8s that his case is certified to IP68.

The fingerprint scanner is located here at the rear. Apparently, LG is either not able or did not consider it necessary to incorporate it under the screen, but I have nothing against that — to find it easily, and it works well and quickly, better than any modern display scanner.

But you certainly will not advertise the convenient location of the scanner and unlock scanning of the face (which is also good), and unlocking to recognize the vein patterns of the palm. Which works, as if mildly, through remote places. Slow, stupid and only in perfect lighting. Previously, it worked badly the first audio fingerprint and unlock system a person scanning on Android (the iPhone X, in fairness, everything was fine).

In terms of compactness, the new flagship of LG with its 6.21 inches screen — horoshist. The Chinese Vivo manage to slapped the same dimensions 6.3 inches, clumsy designers Sony (Xperia 10) and Nokia (PureView 9) is wrapped in the similar dimension housing funny 6 inches exactly.

But by battery capacity in terms of dimensions LG well done — 3550 mAh battery, with 8 mm thickness and a diagonal of the screen you can find, but none of the competitors will not be waterproof (and water resistance also takes the usable area of the hull and this must be taken into account).


When I took LG G8s and have not seen the specifications, I thought — well, again, LG will get a screen with a record number of points, always with IPS panel to the battery more, eat well and live a half-day. How wrong I was.

First, G8s decided to use a matrix AMOLED (first in the G-series, before that it was only supposed to V30 LG and more steep V-series models). Second, the resolution here, unlike the full LG G7, Full-HD+ — that is, all within the framework of adequacy.

Of course, it is possible to complain of not very high brightness (and high minimum brightness), but don’t forget that in manual adjustment Samsung Galaxy S10e also provides only 380 CD/m2.

Much more important that the color reproduction is close to perfect, and the protective glass is much better scratch resistance than Chinese smartphones (in the same conditions editorial P20 Pro received abrasions on the display much faster).

Cool speakers speakerphone LG is gone — remember! At first it seems that the Koreans have deceived us, and instead of two speakers playing one. But no, playing the same two, so the sound is very loud, more or less clean (as long as the volume is below 85-90%), but very squeaky. One speaker in LG G7, I remember, played much better. And LG G4/G5 sounded very noble in comparison with the Samsung (G6 sound from the speaker not specified), and the more other Android smartphones. And now we get the situation that the sound quality of the flagship LG is approximately equal to some Honor 10 Lite or Redmi Note 7, only with a little more volume. Perhaps Huawei P30 Pro after castration second speaker does not sound better, but the Samsung Galaxy S10 (S10e even before) or Sony Xperia XZ3 new LG is infinitely far away. Sad girl, as said Ostap Bender.

The sound in the headphones (we tested it in headphones monitor (45 Ohm Pioneer SE-MHR5) also not exciting. Version G8s differs from “full” because of it cut an audiophile DAC chip Quad and left the “just” standard sound of Snapdragon 855.

Not that it was fatal bad — the sound was more or less clean and neutral, no “toilet” or “bucket” shades, as usual Huawei and Honor, and the stock volume is enough. But low frequencies is extremely small, to squeeze them even EQ is not very convincing (no bass increase, and be quieter all other frequencies except the bass).

There are, of course, and “the whirlings” of the sound, which here are called nevpikhuyemy term DTS:X 3D Surround. In the end, this “surround” does not bring any benefit to the sound, and just spoils it from a state of “I dived into the pool with earphones-plugs” to “I want to sound like a cheap Chinese Bluetooth speakers”. Minimally better just to tweak the EQ (slightly lower clarity, little more bass) and accept the fact that audiophile LG is a full — fledged G8/V50, and here we have the sound level Samsung Galaxy A50 or budget Saami. Good enough not to wince when listening, but “fly away” from him and brag that sound you just will not work. And LG V30, G7 and G7 Fit it was one of the most powerful distinctions from the competitors. But who now cares about the opinions of audiophiles, in the era of the invention of holes in the screens and contest for the number of cameras on the lid, right?

The design of the system in G8s LG brand — a slightly cartoony (typical for LG situation), but quite functional and comfortable. And most importantly, its keyboard does not cause a burning desire for something to replace urgently.

Performance and autonomy

Usually the smartphones with the prefix “s” or “se” from LG was significantly stripped down versions of flagships. Against LG G8s this is not quite true — Yes, there is a lower screen resolution (and well!) than LG G8, but the CPU is still the most powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855.

It works here, however, is not at full strength — say, Xiaomi Mi 9 gives more points in benchmarks, but given the already excessive performance, we exchange small difference in power for slightly improved autonomy. But it was good.

As I have said, good battery life smartphones LG I no longer believe. But LG G8s just struck me. He works for a really long time.


Removes LG G8s good, very good. Rather hard to say without understanding the final price and actual competitors. But, say, the pictures on it are better than Xiaomi Mi 9, Honor 20, Honor View 20, Oppo Reno — and the like. And LG for not using “Oh, my goodness, 48 megapixels!”, as do the competitors with flagship sensor Sony IMX586. And takes and squeezes the most out of the sensor the middle class Sony IMX 362 (or 363, accurate data Koreans coded), but polishes algorithms shooting to Shine and out of the sensor maximum quality thanks to the optical stabilization.

This approach is a matter of respect — now only LG, Samsung and Huawei in camera design focus on “hands from the right place”, while all the rest are just mold the sensor is fatter and I hope that “ride”.

Thus, we have here and 2x zoom (but I guess digital) and extra wide module. And in LG G8s there is a special button, clicking on which you once photographed, and consistently makes triple the — photo to wide-angle, standard and zoom the camera. In the end, you get three separate pictures of common, medium and close-up. However, speed of shooting of each separate photo of the winning no with the same success it is possible to click and switch between cameras manually.

Selfie is also very decent. It is possible in some places to popridiratsya with a hint (or more precisely the white balance) but overall good.

But the video is simply chic. First and foremost happy very steep optical stabilization — no shaking when shooting. Near LG G8s all the other stabilizers in smartphones (even in Samsung’s Galaxy S10) look dull.

Yes, the camera LG G8s may come in handy some value, but without it the result is just great. No sudden jerks, smooth transitions, keep it up, LG!

Another night would be a little higher aperture — and all wonderful. In any case, the quality of the video recording in LG G8 is higher than in any Chinese leader, including Huawei P30 Pro, and can compete only with Samsung Galaxy S10 iPhone or XS.


Samsung Galaxy S10e

A smartphone that can compete with LG G8s on the quality of the video and not to be worse than nothing — Galaxy S10e. Photographs no worse (sometimes better), the dynamics is much cooler, performance is comparable (although people prefer Snapdragon, not Exynos flagship)

Well, on the autonomy of the competitor still loses to obvious S10e super compact — the size is the same, what were smartphones with a screen 5.2″ before the arrival of the proportions of the 18:9 and this your bezremontnoy.

Huawei P30
If shooting video on a smartphone means nothing to you, then a competitor may be Huawei P30. However, have to put up with the lack of MicroSD slot, but instead Huawei offers more autonomy. And in light of recent events — who knows — maybe the price will fall significantly. But still, the camera P30 to LG G8s far, including on the part of the photo.


Unfortunately, the success of a smartphone depends not only on how good a particular model, but from the marketing, which as sung we have in the review “nobody’s responding!”. Therefore, even if LG made a perfect mobile advertising promotion and prestige in the minds of buyers it would sell its hard. But the G8s are not perfect, but he’s exactly what you asked it to do.

What LG said enthusiasts? Poor autonomy (G3, G4), the “brakes” (G3, G6, G7 Fit) and excess features like a Quad HD display and audiophile sound, from which mere mortals as it turned out, neither cold nor hot.

You get to sign it! Smartphone with a moderate screen resolution, but the perfect color, normal (not audiophile, but normal) sound, the photo quality level of the flagships of 50+ thousand, the video quality level smartphones for 60+ thousand rubles (better than any Huawei or Xiaomi), slim body with a 3550 mAh battery that work longer than 4000 mAh, most smartphones, full headphone Jack, a memory card slot, water resistance… Has everything you need without the chic — now everything will depend on the price.

Due to the fact that we don’t know the price, it is difficult to say whether it’s bargain or not — there is a suspicion that greed LG will win and we will see the price of 50-55 thousand, for which buyers will laugh “Ski” in the face and run to buy Huawei P30 or Samsung Galaxy S10e. But we can already say that the set of characteristics (screen quality/camera/speed/autonomy) is the most appropriate flagship, the LG G4 times… (if we forget about the marriage of his matplot) or G2 (if we’re talking about balance), and one of the best “cost leaders” than 2019. If you do not mind the ugly huge “Bang” in the screen, you can take — you will not be disappointed.

If, after announcement of the price G8s will seem too expensive, just be patient — we all know pleasant for buyers rates reduce the cost of the flagships of LG.

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