Convenience is evident.

Users of social network “Vkontakte” got a unique opportunity. Now they can purchase goods through AliExpress and Tmall, without leaving the social network.

The range of the online store presented in the form of products, “Vkontakte”. Users can choose goods and pay them through the payment system Pay VK.

As experts underline, the integration of “Vkontakte” and AliExpress beneficial to both parties. At the expense of users “Vkontakte” the Chinese will increase the database of active buyers twice. This will allow to strengthen the position of AliExpress in the Russian market the Internet-trade.

Alibaba’s interest in the Russian market due to the popularity of AliExpress in Russia. According to recent estimates, there are about 20 million users, has made during the year, at least one purchase on AliExpress.

Source: RBC


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