An open letter against the White house proposed more narrow legal interpretation of the concept of gender has signed more than 50 major American companies, including Google, Apple and Facebook.

“We oppose any administrative or legislative measures, aimed at the annulment of protecting the [rights] transgender mechanisms through new interpretation of existing laws and regulations,” — the text of the open letter TASS with reference to the newspaper The Washington Post.

The company opposed the violation of the rights of those “who identifies himself as transgender, a representative Sabinanigo gender, or intersex”.

“Transgender people are loved by us family members and friends, valuable members of our teams,” — said in the appeal.

The letter was also signed by representatives of the service of rental housing Airbnb, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and Uber.

Earlier, the New York Times reported about a possible ban on legal gender change in the United States. The Ministry of health of the USA proposed to consider the gender “either male or female and the unchangeable”, and the possible disputes will be resolved through genetic analysis.

The US President Donald trump said that he was busy studying concepts for the protection of the rights of transgender people.

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