Google Chrome was 10 years old. In honor of this event, the company introduced 69 version of the browser with an updated design and new features.

The main change is the new design in style Material Design, which, according to Google, should simplify the use of the browser. Chrome got rounded tabs, new icons and color palette.

Like Safari, Chrome is now able itself to generate passwords and store them in its database. Google promises that the updated browser will better fill addresses, passwords and fields for Bank cards.

Google remembered that first introduced the Omnibox, the combined search bar and address field. Since ‘ 69 version, Chrome will give a well-known information directly in the Omnibox. Such data, for example, is weather, word translation, calendar of sports events, or information about famous people.

Chrome for iOS also got a new design. The toolbar is now on the bottom, so it was easier to interact with. On the quick access page in addition to icons of popular sites, you can find shortcuts to access some functions of Chrome, for example, reading list and bookmarks.


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