Researcher in the field of computer security and a member of the Google Ian bir shared information about the vulnerability, which can help hack iOS 12.1.2, macOS Mojave 10.14.2 and earlier versions of Apple operating systems.

Bir sufficiently described, he found the vulnerability, which potentially can be used to create iOS 12. However, hackers have thoroughly refined the hacking process. Therefore, the imminent release of the jailbreak should not count.

In addition, the bir noted that iOS 12.1.3, he found the vulnerability was closed. This means that the range of possible users of the jailbreak will be quite narrow, because of what hackers can simply abandon the development of public utilities for hacking.

It is worth noting that Google is not the first time finds vulnerability in the code of Apple’s operating systems. In the past, “discovery” Bira has helped in the creation of a working jailbreak for iOS 11.


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