Apple has listened and is working on a fix.

Specialists of Google Project Zero team found dangerous vulnerability in the kernel of macOS, which could allow an attacker access to your computer without your knowledge. The vulnerability was discovered in November 2018, but still not fixed. Apple developers have paid attention to it recently and have already started eliminating.

Researchers in the field of security, Google has noticed that the macOS kernel contains a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to access users computer without his knowledge. To do this the hacker need to make some changes in the way the mounted file system. Google Project Zero said that malicious changes cannot be tracked as long as the attacker gets full access to the Mac.

Google discovered a flaw with the kernel of macOS in November 2018 and alerted Apple. The bug is not resolved after 90 days, therefore Google Project Zero has released information about the vulnerability. It is known that Apple responded to the bug and start working to eliminate it together with the experts of Google Project Zero.

It is expected that vulnerability will be fixed in 10.14.4 macOS, the final version which will be released in late March, along with iOS 12.2.

Source: Neowin.


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