After Mozilla, Google announced the decision to ban the Google Chrome web browser and Android root certificates owned by the UAE-based company DarkMatter. The firm is accused of providing services of surveillance and hacking repressive regimes in the middle East. As soon as the ban comes into force, sites using TLS certificates sold or issued by UTS DarkMatter, will blokirovat in Chrome and Android apps.

In addition, Google will make in blacklist OneCRL six intermediate certificates QuoVadis that DarkMatter used as a temporary method of issuing TLS certificates to their customers.

Many Western media published materials about the hacking operations conducted by DarkMatter on behalf of the government of the UAE against human rights defenders, journalists and foreign governments. The company has repeatedly disputed the charges.

Apple and Microsoft have not yet announced plans regarding certificates DarkMatter. In early July, Mozilla said the refusal to include the root certificates of the company DarkMatter in the root store of Firefox browser.

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