Thursday, August 16, the Google news Help center, amending a policy of collecting location data.

Edits were made in connection with the recent revelation that apps and web-site of the company continue to collect information about users, even if the setting “location History” is off.

Earlier this week, publisher the Associated Press, has published the results of research scientists from Princeton, according to which Google collects data about users ‘ location, even when location services are completely off. Regardless of the platform iOS or Android, a Google software, including Maps, save the location of the user when opening the app.

In response to the publication, Google has updated its reference documents below explain more about the “location History”, and that the service continues to collect data.

Programs such as Google Maps require access to the location to provide real-time routes. Users of iOS devices should be allowed to share these data with the app. To help consumers who do not want their data where ever it was stored, Google offers a “location History” that can hold journaling about the places you visit.

Previously on the support page of Google said that the user at any time can turn off this feature, preventing storage of data on the places visited by Google.

“Disable “location History”, the location that you submit is no longer saved”, – was stated earlier in the paper.

A study by the Associated Press showed that it is not.

“This option does not affect the other location services on your device. Some location data can be stored as part of your activity to other services, such as Search and Maps”, – stated in the updated document from Google.

“We clarified, in relation to the “location History” to make background information more consistent and clear,” said Google in a response to an article by the Associated Press.

Users who want to stop monitoring completely, you need to disable the “activity on the Internet and application,” in addition to disable “location History”.

Update Help center Google is unlikely to calm users, who have carefully studied security policy, the search giant and other technology companies to ensure their own privacy. This step creates some transparency as to what data Google collects from its customers.


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