Google has released Google Fit for iOS, Google announced that the Google Fit app to track your activity that appeared on Android back in 2014, is now available for iOS.

Google definitely took the time to create an iOS app. Until today, the only way to Fit data on the iPhone was in a special section of the app Wear OS on the iPhone. However, without a Wear device OS this section would be empty.

Version of Google Fit for iOS is virtually identical to the Android version. The app also makes for user 2 daily fitness goals — “minutes of activity” and “cardio points”. The app can also be connected to programs related to Apple Health — Sleep Cycle, Nike Run Club or Headspace.

Since Apple Health already monitors the data owners of iOS on physical activity, it is difficult to imagine that many of them will switch to Google Fit. However, it’s nice to see that Google offers its service on a competing platform.

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