Google followed Apple suspends analysis of voice recordings with a virtual assistant Google Assistant. At this step the Internet giant has gone because of the recent leak of records of communication with Google Assistant, which affected Dutch users.

In July, the Corporation admitted that the data breach was facilitated by the partners who worked on the analysis of the audio fragments of a voice assistant. More than a thousand private conversations fell into the hands of Belgian news media.

Some of the recordings revealed a state of health of the users and even their addresses.

“Once we found out about the leak of confidential information, we stopped the study records Assistant. While an incident investigation recording conversations with the assistant will not be analyzed. It should be noted that the company is exploring only 0.2% of all audio fragments”, — said the representative of Google.

Recall that the contractors Google regularly listened to recordings of people talking with the cloud personal assistant Google Assistant (Google now). Usually users access the helper using your smartphone or speaker Google Home.

Apple temporarily suspends the practice of engaging contractors for analysis the records of users to communicate with voice assistant Siri. Previously, the Corporation claimed that this is done to detect errors and improve quality of service.

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