Google has ignored the appeal of the southern Federal University (SFEDU) with an exemption of a maniac Andrei Chikatilo from the list of “outstanding graduates of Rostov state University”. It is noted that, despite numerous requests of the University for five months, the answer came automatically only report that the letter received and accepted for consideration.

Southern Federal University for the past five months trying to get an answer from Google. The essence of request is that the search engine provides the name of the serial killer Andrei Chikatilo in the list of “outstanding graduates,” says FAN.

That the request of the SFU was ignored once again, reported the press service of the University. “Google’s request is not answered. We wrote several times,”

The first time the oversight of a search engine was discovered in August 2018, when this was brought to attention in several communities the social network “Vkontakte”. At the same time SFU has demanded that Google delete the name Chikatilo from the list.

In response to this, the employees sent an explanation that Chikatilo was among “distinguished alumni” due to translation difficulties.

“In the English version Goоgle such section is called “famous people who are somehow connected with the University,” somehow, in the Russian version it is translated as outstanding.” — quoted response Google University.

However, you can still enter in the search field in Google “Rostov state University” and get a brief background about the school. There’s also the search engine will display compiled list of outstanding graduates.

Chikatilo really had studied at the philological faculty of Rostov state University and graduated in 1970 at the direction of “Russian language and literature”. So at the moment a search engine provides a link to it in the same list with writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a constitutional court judge Nikolai Bondar, Soviet mathematician and cyberneticist Viktor Glushkov and TV presenter Victoria and lopyrevoy.

Recall that Chikatilo committed his murders in the Rostov region in the period from 1982 to 1990. The court recognized Rostov Ripper guilty of 53 murders, he confessed to 56, while the operational sources said about 65 episodes. All these crimes were the basis to sentenced Andrei Chikatilo to death. According to the testimony of those present, the word “execution” has caused in a hall applause.

Earlier claims against Google, and found the French regulator, which fined “Google Inc. , “the parent company “Google” on EUR 50 million.

Thus, the French Commission for information technology and human rights saw the violation of the legislation of the European Union in activities of the company. In particular, according to the laws, companies must notify their users about how we collect and use their personal data and obtain their consent to the collection of these data.

If it if earlier, before the entry into force of the EU regulation on data protection on 25 may 2018, the size of the penalty could be a maximum of 150 thousand Euro, now the small losses of the Corporation not acceptable. It is noted that the amount of the fine, which for Google is practically invisible, is the largest imposed in the framework of the GDPR.

Naughty American Corporation Google and the Russian Roskomnadzor, which in mid-December 2018 put her a fine of 500 thousand rubles. The claim Department was the fact that the company had not acceded to the Federal state information system (FGIS), which regulates the elimination of references to the resources with illegal content from search results. Under Russian law, operators of search engines should be connected to the FGIS. For violation of this requirement faces a fine from 500 to 700 thousand rubles, according to NSN.

However, Google can appeal the fine and fight with Roskomnadzor did not. Therefore, the company has agreed to pay this amount. The decision of the American Corporation in the air NSN commented the head of information-analytical Agency TelecomDaily Denis Kuskov, who said that Google is simply unprofitable to quarrel with Russia.

“Google and Apple are two industrial IT company who are actively working on the Russian market and earn a very good cash reward, and withdrawal from the market for them is not the correct way, said the Pieces. — So they went to pay the fine and to work further on St. Petersburg, Moscow and regional markets. It is unlikely that the Roskomnadzor will be a nightmare to Google for the reason that it is quite a strong company, world holding. Just want to lead to position-specific activities in the Russian market”.

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