Google intends to simplify the use of wireless headphones and audio devices on Android and Chrome OS. Now the data about headphones ever sapagovas devices will be stored in your Google account and synced between all your mobile gadgets on which it is configured.

Image source: The Verge

The company announced in an official blog for Android developers. However, to use this feature can only owners of Bluetooth-enabled devices introduced by Google a year ago, the standard Fast-Pair — “quick pairing”. Chrome OS technology will appear next year.

JayBird Tarah, the first (and only so far) headphones with Fast Pair that is on sale

Still enthusiastic about this standard for manufacturers of audio devices is not demonstrated. Now, Google promises that the headphones with Fast Pair — in fact, this technology is similar to the one used in the Apple AirPods headphones — release companies such as Anker, Bose and “many others.”

In addition, Google agreed with Airoha Technology companies, BES and Qualcomm, who produce solutions for wireless audio that they integrate support for Fast Pair in their development.

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