According to the portal Android Police, Google began public testing a premium service Play Pass, which for five dollars a month gives you access to a library of applications and games on Android.

This is a direct analogue of the Xbox Game Pass and EA Access, but for Google. Something similar will soon launch and the Apple — the Apple Arcade. However, kupertinovtsy service is focused only on games, but there will be exclusive titles.

If you believe the screenshots from early versions of the Play Pass, the library service will be in charge of a Corporation, and its range will consist of games in genres of puzzle and action games, and bonus music and fitness apps.

The subscribers to the service will not be seen in selected applications and games, no ads, and they will shut off microtransactions.

In the presented screenshots of the subscription, you can see some games that seem to come to the library Play Pass, among them:

Stardew Valley


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Life is Strange

Monument Valley

Mini Metro

This is the Police.

When can we expect the launch of the service, not yet reported, but probably it will happen very soon.

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