Otherwise Roskomnadzor promised lock.

The company Google has removed from search results for Russians, 73% of the total number of sites in the register of prohibited information. Roskomnadzor said that the Agency was able to negotiate with Google to remove links to blocked sites, resulting in the search and proceeded to action.

Roskomnadzor could not get Google to start to remove links to prohibited sites for several years. But, as it became known today that Russian authorities managed to negotiate with Google.

Roskomnadzor has sent Google a list of 120 thousand references from the registry is prohibited. Currently Google is removing search results. At the same time, Google examine each link to find out the reasons for its blocking in Russia and only after that take a decision about removing pages from search results.

Previously Roskomnadzor demanded from Google to connect to a Single domain name registry in order to remove the prohibited links in automatic mode. Google refused, so Roskomnadzor has found an alternative way to solve the problem. According to sources if Google agreed to remove links to prohibited from the search manually, the search engine threatened to lock in Russia.

Source: Statements.


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