After evaluating the camera of the OnePlus 6T authoritative experts DxOMark have done a review on fotosmoralo Google Pixel 3. Before smartphones, Google took a leading place in the ranking, but the company did not follow currently fashionable tendency to use multiple camera modules, in this connection the question arises about the relevance of the places the manufacturer in a new ranking.

The advantages of the camera Pixel 3
On the positive side the camera Pixel 3 related fast autofocus, good detail in most scenarios, accurate exposure, and great detail when using the zoom and flash as well as a good General target exposure and wide dynamic range.

The shortcomings of the camera Pixel 3
Despite this, the camera Pixel 3 has a number of disadvantages, including a significant colored noise, the most characteristic of the low light, occasionally low auto exposure, visible color shading in low light, as well as the periodic appearance of a halo, and color fringing at the edges of objects.

The advantages of the camera Pixel 3
Many positive sides of video experts DxOMark took a very efficient noise reduction in low light, fast and accurate AF, high detail in all conditions, efficient stabilization and good dynamic range.

The shortcomings of the camera Pixel 3
Of the few gaps in the video noted significant “jello” and the displacement of the frame during the movement, the periodic fading of colors, and a slight “shudder” at low light.

Experts DxOMark said: “With Google Pixel 3 continues to achieve impressive results in image processing with machine learning. The result is a very versatile camera that people can use in most situations without any manual settings. In particular, on the part of Zuma and portrait mode Pixel 3 is greatly improved compared to the previous generation.”

The Verdict DxOMark

Camera Pixel 3 has received a lot of improvements, but it did not allow her to compete on portrait photography and optical zoom, with the best mnogoopytnyi cameras. However, experts recognized the camera Pixel 3 is the best among Android devices.

The DxOMark Rating

DxOMark has evaluated fotosmoralo Pixel 3 in 103 points, and video in 98. Thus, the Pixel 3 with an average rating of 101 points divided one position in the ranking with the Apple iPhone Xr, also with a single camera. On this basis, Google lost its leading position in the ranking of the best mobile cameras from DxOMark.

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