According to Bloomberg, Google for several years has been the development of a system of Fuchsia, which will replace Android in the past five years.

The system was discovered in 2016. In January 2018, the developers got a working version of the system, which failed to run on the company laptop Google.

Employees Bloomberg has found out even more details with regards to new platforms.

First, the system will be cross-platform. In the Google plans to launch it on smartphones, tablets, computers, speakers and so on. That is Fuchsia will turn into a versatile software for any equipment.

Secondly, special attention the developers will pay the privacy. The company is trying to find a balance between security and openness. Now Google employees conflict with one another, as the Corporation earns money on advertising and relies on a variety of data received from users ‘ devices. Including and personal. Which solution will ultimately take the head of the company, and that will be the priority, is still unknown.

Thirdly, the system will be built on a new kernel, not so closely associated with Linux. This can lead to the fact that many existing devices will lose compatibility with the new system, manufacturers will have to create new products.

And although the official announcement and the release of the system will have to wait quite a few years, Google are looking at this project with enthusiasm, seeing it as an investment in innovation.


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