Apple pays great attention to security of its mobile operating system. However, as practice shows, in iOS there are enough vulnerabilities. Six new holes in the security system of Apple’s mobile OSes some time ago found members of the team, Google Project Zero.

According to reports, all vulnerabilities associated with the mechanism of sending and receiving messages, and potentially can be used to gain control over the mobile device. Moreover, four of the six bugs could give an attacker to run malicious code on a remote iOS device without the need for user interaction. And for this it is sufficient to send to the smartphone of the victim a malformed message. Two errors can be used to read data from the memory device.

Members of the team, Google Project Zero is not yet ready to share details about new vulnerabilities in iOS. Information will be published only after cupertinos app. At the moment Apple has already eliminated five of the six vulnerabilities – a security patch has been included in iOS 12.4. Another mistake is not completely eliminated.


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