Google faced another surge of negativity on the part of its employees amid reports that the company wants to create a new search engine in China.

The search engine “DragonFly” would be to censor information in accordance with the requirements of the government. Employees expressed their dissatisfaction with the management decision and produced a letter to top managers. It calls for a “review structure of ethics”. This unit will carry out an ethical evaluation of projects. According to the letter selected by the staff representatives and the “ombudsmen” will participate in these evaluations.

Close to the source said that more than 1,400 employees signed the letter, whose existence was first told The New York Times.

In the text of the appeal says that the new unit will provide sufficient transparency and provide an opportunity for individual employees to determine whether the projects on which they work, their ethical standards. Employees also demand that ordinary workers were part of the Supervisory structure.

“We demand more transparency, participation in discussions and commitment to clear and open processes. Google staff should know what works,” wrote jobs in the letter.

Workers call on the Corporation to “code Yellow”, meaning the seriousness of the situation, which requires immediate attention.

Last year, Google appeared a rumor that the company has helped the Pentagon analysis videos using AI, which caused dissatisfaction of the employees. Google CEO Diane green Cloud within 24 hours after the leak had informed staff about what is happening, and about the position of the company.

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO


In that time more than 4,000 Google employees signed a letter addressed to the Director General Sundar Pichai, which demanded that the Corporation never created a weapon with AI. Pichai has released a set of principles designed to control future decisions of the company by an AI. One of the principles was a ban on the use of AI to harm.

Last Thursday, a Google representative suggested that the lack of response from the leaders of Google is due to the summer holidays, but this position seems not to have convinced the workers that signed the letter.


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