Initially Google Titan used internally, then it could buy the Google Cloud and is now available to everyone, reports The Verge.

Google started selling physical key for two-factor authentication. The device costs $ 50. The kit consists of a USB key, a Bluetooth key and USB-C to USB-A.

With Titan you can confirm your authorization in Google, Facebook, Dropbox and Github. Since the input is not used set of numbers, and the physical connection, Google claims that it is the safest method for confirmation of identity.

For this key Google developed special firmware. The company said that it has increased security measures.

“This firmware is initially integrated into the hardware chip at the factory. In turn, it is protected against attacks aimed at hacking into systems and extract sensitive key data”, — said senior Manager of Google Cloud Christian Braun.

Google Titan manufactured in compliance with FIDO, so it can be used in any service that is protected with this Protocol. Google account support FIDO and security keys 2014.


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