That Android Beam will be removed in the upcoming update to Android, has been known for a long time. The technology used is the NFC module for instant transfer of data from device to device. But for a long time it was not clear what will replace Google as comfortable, albeit not popular, feature?

As it turned out, the search giant will offer a new method for fast data transfer — Fast Share. The new feature will allow you to transfer images, URLS, text, and other files on Android smartphones without the need to connect to the Internet. The feature will be available via the menu “share” on your smartphone or via the “Settings”. Interestingly, Fast Share retains the simplicity and convenience of Android Beam, as smartphone owners will be sufficient to enter a name for the device, and enabled (with bluetooth and location turned on). Once the user follows these two simple trick, two Android smartphone will find each other, then both devices will turn on fullscreen mode file transfer, with all necessary data about the progress of the transfer, the name of the transmitted file, and so on. But fear not — the one who takes will also have the opportunity to accept or reject a file to be transmitted, so that no one can force you to transfer the malicious file.

This innovation from Google is very much like the already-established AirDrop from Apple. The only thing that distinguishes development from Google for the worse is the dependence of their technology from Google Play Services. How it can narrow the coverage Fast Share? It is also unclear, will the new feature of smartphones that support certain versions of Android.

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