As it became known, Google is forbidden to post in your own Play store app whose primary purpose is to offer users “a deceptive or detrimental” personal loans, the annual interest rate is 36% or higher.

But, according to the latest reports, this decision by the search giant was met with great discontent on the part of companies providing loans and loans. However, Google is unlikely to return to the old rules that allow publishing applications that offer high-interest loans to individuals. In this regard, apparently, credit organizations whose activities are contrary to the financial rules updated by Google, or completely gone from the Android platform, or will adjust their activities so that lending rates were below the set limit.

It is worth mentioning that Apple has no such prohibition, though the company often revises its rules for App Store. So at any moment can look at the decision taken by Google, and also to prohibit the publication of applications of credit institutions, whose interest rates exceed 36% per annum.

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