Google has announced plans to invest billions of dollars into the creation of a new campus in Hudson square in new York. In the largest city in the U.S. Google already has 7 thousand people, and the search engine wants to double this figure over the next ten years. Territory in the Hudson square area of 1.7 million square feet (approximately 157,000 sq. m) will serve as the “primary place” for the organization of international business, said Google. Employees will call in two buildings on Hudson street in 2020, the third office on Washington street will open two years later.

In the spring, Google closed the deal, buying $2.4 billion complex of buildings of the Chelsea Market in front of its headquarters in new York. Earlier this year, reminded Google CFO Ruth Porat, the company opened new offices and data centers in Detroit, boulder, Los Angeles, Tennessee and Alabama.

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Last week on plans to invest $1 billion in the construction of a new office in the U.S. Apple said. The manufacturer “iPhones” is going to build a campus North of Austin, there is still 5 to 15 thousand jobs, and open new offices in Seattle, San Diego and Los Angeles.

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