Google is finalizing a system called RCS, which will be replacing the familiar SMS messages, writes The Verge. “We know about RCS, replacement of SMS messages for over a year, but in fact the use of next-generation services was virtually impossible because of the complex policies of mobile operators. But now entered the game Google: later this month Android users in the UK and France will be able to choose the RCS Chat service provided directly by Google, not the mobile operator”, — notes the edition. Thanks to RCS for the first time, Google will offer Android users a convenient system of text messaging, ahead of mobile operators in this direction. The closest analogue of RCS can be called a similar system iMessage from Apple. In this case the biggest problem RCS is the lack of message encryption. The data in iMessage, WhatsApp and the Signal is encrypted, in Facebook also announced encryption is enabled by default. Google recognize the need for encryption in the service and is working on it, writes The Verge. The exact launch date of the new messages service is not currently called.

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