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To find a discount on the desired product in a regular store can be difficult. Best place to buy online on sites like AliExpress are special offers on a regular basis. In today’s collection, have collected useful stuff which is useful to Hagemann, Housewives and children.


Price: 67 roubles (discount: 59%)

In-ear wired earphones with MIC and remote control. Wire durable: this will be hard to accidentally damage. The special shape gives the headphones fall out of ears. The perfect accessory for a morning jog.

Children’s toy

Price: 57 roubles (discount: 16%)

Children’s toy from quality plastic. There are a huge number of characters. Your child will surely be delighted if you give him a man-a ninja or a samurai sword.

Case for smartphone

Price: 101 rubles (discount: 25%)

Durable case for the owners of smartphones Samsung. Will protect the device from scratches, drops, and other damages. Available in several colors. When buying don’t forget to choose a compatible model of smartphone.

Mesh for the shell

Price: 153 ruble (discount: 9%)

Silicone mesh for the shell. When you wash the dishes, it collects dust particles and not allow them to clog the drain. Does not rust and does not lose shape even with daily use.

MicroUSB cable

Price: 158 roubles (discount: 33%)

MicroUSB cable for charging smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. Made of quality materials, not torn and not heated. Supports fast charging and data transfer at the USB 2.0 standard.

Holder for smartphone

Price: 128 roubles (discount: 5%)

Compact car holder for smartphone turns into 360 degrees. The device holds with a magnet. Mounted on the openings of the air conditioner on the dashboard.

AUX cable

Price: 63 rubles (discount: 19%)

AUX cable for music lovers. It can be used to connect your smartphone, player or tablet to your home or car audio system. The sound quality is not distorted, works flawlessly.

Protective glass for iPhone

Price: 46 roubles

Tempered glass for the iPhone display. Will protect your device from scratches, cracks, and falls from a small height. When buying you need to choose compatible model: glass suitable even for owners of older iPhone 4 and the new iPhone Xs.

Lamp for tourists

Price: 128 roubles (discount: 5%)

Portable led lamp with unusual shapes. Shines bright, will fit in any backpack or bag. Not afraid of dust and water, works in two modes. Made of plastic, so very light.

Cable USB C

Price: 138 roubles (discount: 5%)

Available USB cable C. Such a quickly charge your smartphone and will help to synchronize data with a computer or laptop. It is particularly convenient to use the product at night. It is the merit of bright highlighting that turns on when you connect the accessory to the power source.


Price: 157 roubles

Stylish watches for young people. The body is made of metal and has a circular shape. The strap is made from faux leather. Sold in six different colors, everyone will find something suitable.


Price: 160 roubles

A small keychain of zinc alloy in the form of an owl. Can be worn with flat keys, purse or backpack. The accessory will appeal to girls and children. Lightweight, does not scratch in everyday use.

Stand for tableware

Price: 166 roubles (discount: 21%)

Plastic stand for plates in the kitchen. Install it the dishes after washing — and in a few minutes it will dry. Stand size is small, it will not take much space on the table.


Price: 139 roubles

USB-C on microUSB. No, this is not necessary if you have a device with the new and old types of connectors and to buy expensive cables you don’t want. The accessory is very small, it is convenient to carry. The main thing is not to lose.


Price: 95 roubles

Toy in the shape of a cube with krutilki and buttons. Help calm the nerves and keep the hands in line with public transport or a boring lecture. Are available a few colors. A good gift for a nervous friend.

We wish you a pleasant shopping!


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