Corning, a major supplier of tempered panels for mobile devices, held a presentation of a glass Gorilla Glass of the sixth generation. New product designed to withstand twice as many falls than Gorilla Glass 5, without risking critical damage.

“Corning scientists have developed a completely new material, taking into account all his experience, — said in a statement. — In the laboratory Gorilla Glass 6 can withstand 15 drops from a height of 1 meter on rough surfaces, which is about twice as good as Gorilla Glass 5”.

Gorilla Glass

It is not excluded that the new glass might debut in the new iPhone, the release of which is scheduled for the autumn. As you know, Corning has long been supplying Apple tempered panels, despite the complete lack of mentions of the company from Cupertino in the number of brands that trust Gorilla Glass.

The glass in the iPhone

In the current generation of smartphones Apple uses a special type of glass with the addition of metal particles. According to the manufacturer, these glasses possess the best indicator of the impact resistance, preventing the appearance of chips and scratches even in careful usage.


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