Each of us has at least once been in a situation when charge the smartphone less than 5%, and the outlet is not at a distance of many kilometers. There are two output — disable all wireless modules and thus lose connection with the outside world or use powerbank — external battery.

In Russia, there was a very interesting specimen — MP10MA the GP PowerBank 10,000 mAh. His energy would be enough to charge up to three times the average modern smartphone, but its main feature is a little different. By the way, in our country this battery comes in two colors — sky blue and terracotta (brick color). Us for a test got the second option. Special thanks to GP for the sample! The manufacturer claims that MP10MA GP PowerBank can charge up to three devices simultaneously, and do it very quickly, and we had the opportunity to test whether this is so. Let’s deal with it.


GP PowerBank MP10MA Packed very, very nice: colorful, two-tone box of very thick cardboard shows the design of the device and immediately shares its basic spec. When pulling the cover, it turns out that she has a magnetic mount, and beneath it lies an even more information. Here you can evaluate the appearance of the battery through the transparent window.

The manufacturer does not stinted on the information about the product, placing it also on the bottom face of the box. The buyer will be immediately aware of all the technical features of the battery, and this is a huge plus.


Buying GP PowerBank MP10MA, the buyer receives not only the battery but also the manual, which detail the destination of all interfaces and buttons available on the body. In addition, the kit includes a micro USB cable 2.0 length slightly less than 20 cm with integrated adapter to USB. It allows to cover the whole range of devices based on Google’s Android OC, but if you have a gadget from Apple, you have to use your own charging cable.

Features Information about the specs of the GP PowerBank MP10MA buyer can find on the official website of the manufacturer, in the directory “Yandex. Market” and directly on the box with the device inside. In all three sources of information are identical, no differences. — battery type: Li-polymer; capacity: 10 000 mAh; charging time: 4.5 hours USB-C; — number of simultaneously chargeable devices: 3; interfaces: 2xUSB 2.0 (output), microUSB 2.0 (input), USB-C (input, output); — maximum current for USB 1: 2.4 A; maximum current for USB 2: 2.4 A; maximum current for USB Type-C: 3A; maximum current microUSB: 2A; — voltage on all ports: 5V; housing material: metal, rubber inserts; — case colour: blue, terracotta; — charging indication: led; — working temperature: from +5 to +40 degrees Celsius; — system of protection: overcurrent, overcharge and full discharge, short circuit protection, high and low temperatures — dimensions: 126x70x14 mm; — weight — 233 grams.

Design and ergonomics

The dimensions GP PowerBank MP10MA significantly less modern smartphones with a diagonal of 6 inches, so it can be considered compact. His appearance, on the one hand, minimalistic, on the other — includes one feature. It is about the ends of the housing, additionally protected by a coating of soft rubber. This allows the device to not slip from the hands, though it is metal body has a rough surface, also to prevent it. Battery weight felt good as because of the high capacitance, and a metal shell. All elements of the case fit each other as tightly as possible, the quality of performance at altitude.

All four USB connectors for charging are displayed on the lower end, and the distance between them is considerable — three connected connectors do not interfere with each other. Indication of charging is here located in the lower part of the left side end and represented by the Quartet of small led lights. The shade glow is a pale blue, the brightness is reduced. The power button can be found on the right side end, and also in the lower part. The remaining elements of the case nothing useful or interesting there. Design and ergonomics we have nothing to complain about — everything worked out very well, and a lot of weight in this case, not a disadvantage. It indicates presence inside is really capacious battery, the mass of which is not a priori to be small. Note in Terra cotta color battery looks very nice.

Capacity according to the manufacturer the capacity of the GP PowerBank MP10MA — ровно10 000 mAh. To test it we will be using two smartphones — the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 with a battery of 5,300 mAh and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 battery 4000 mAh. Let’s start with the youngest Redmi Note 4. From powerbank it is quite easily charged twice, and the indicator of the battery were lit one led out of four. The third time the Redmi Note 4 managed to gain about 45% charge before GP PowerBank MP10MA off. With Mi Max 2 the situation is similar: the first charge was complete, and the second stopped at 87%. Thus we see that the capacity of GP PowerBank MP10MA fully corresponds to the declared.

Fast charging

This option will test exclusively on Max Mi 2 Redmi Note 4 is charged with a maximum current of 2 A. the charging was used cable with USB-C on both ends to get the maximum 15W (5V 3A) power.

The smartphone immediately recognized the connection to the quick charge and fill up energy to 100% in about 1.5 hours. Quickly? As we, very much, so this function also works. Note also that a regular USB to 2.4-amp, if your device has appropriate support, which is 12 watts of power, which is also, in General, a lot by the standards of 2019.

Multithreaded charging

Next, we checked the possibility of charging three devices simultaneously. All three of the gadget is really charged, but there is quick charging it is not — according to our calculations, for each of the three ports in this mode, the GP PowerBank MP10MA gives an average of 1 ampere, that is, the total charging power is within 5 watts. For reference, 5-watt AC charging adapter supplied with all the cheap Android-based smartphones and all tablets and smartphones from Apple, so even in this mode, the charging speed will be quite acceptable and even routine.

Recovery charge

Recharge the GP PowerBank MP10MA is, as it turned out, the process is not the fastest. As stated in the specifications for USB-C it is charged 4.5 hours, but it’s at the maximum current of 3 ampere. Appropriate network memory has not all, as well as laptops with such connectors. But we found a 18-watt charging and all checked — in fact, the battery is quite able to charge for 5 hours. 10-watt charging (5V 2A) GP PowerBank MP10MA has been charged for about 7 hours, so you can safely put it to charge overnight, in the morning to get fully ready-to-use powerbank. For overcharge or overheating do not need to worry: GP PowerBank MP10MA have all the necessary protective functions.

Conclusion If you are looking for external battery for your smartphone with a capacity of 10 000 mAh, it is necessary to look more attentively GP PowerBank MP10MA. The device proved capable of many things, including it easily charges three gadgets at the same time, and it may be useful, for example, during a trip into nature in a big company. During testing, the battery proved to be from very good party, and no claims to it have emerged. The model is very successful, except that the length of the supplied cable in certain situations may not be enough.

The advantages of GP PowerBank MP10MA — simultaneous charging of three devices; adapter to USB-C included; — metal case; — the actual capacity corresponds to the declared; — support for fast charging in both directions.

Cons GP PowerBank MP10MA — short charging cable.

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