Cybercriminal group eGobbler exploits vulnerabilities in Google’s Chrome browser for iOS and desktop versions of Chrome and Safari to display pop-up advertisements and redirecting users to malicious sites. According to experts of the company Confiant, in the period from 1 August to 23 September of this year, criminals spread a malicious is about 1.16 billion times. Victims of attacks are users in the U.S. and Europe, mostly in Italy.

In April of this year, experts have recorded a large-scale malicious campaign, in which the group eGobbler exploited a vulnerability in iOS version of Chrome. The problem addressed exclusively to Chrome for iOS and does not spread to Safari and other versions of Chrome.

Now criminals are using a new vulnerability affecting the WebKit browser engine implemented in versions of Chrome and Safari. For operation you use the event “onkeydown” is the JavaScript function that is executed whenever a key is pressed. EGobbler uses it to display pop-UPS when interacting with the website. According to the researchers, Apple has corrected this problem with the release of iOS 13, patch for Chrome is not yet available.

EGobbler usually acts quickly, but the attacks last only a few days. In active periods the group buys ads on legitimate services and introduces in it the malicious code. Thus the malware can go beyond the iframe ads and perform actions in the user browsers, including the display of pop-UPS advertising various dubious products or redirecting the user to malicious website hackers.

For the first time about the group eGobbler became known in February this year, when the U.S. faced a massive malicious advertising campaign focused primarily on the collection of personal and financial information. Three days was recorded 800 million impressions malicious ads.

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