Soon may holidays, summer, so in the coming months you will be just outside the native town at least for a few days. How to stay connected while on any trip and not go broke?

Rodnye prostory

Now MTS subscribers don’t need to worry about where and how much are calls while traveling in Russia. The conditions are the same everywhere. So, subject to finding in MTS network all incoming became free. The same applies to mobile Internet — now if you are in the MTS network across the country are home prices. How does it work? Explain on examples.


It’s simple: the rates for mobile Internet when roaming in MTS network is the same regardless of the region of Russia where you are. Users of Smart tariffs and other tariff wasting mobile traffic included in the tariff and pre-paid packages.


Suppose you arrived from Orenburg to Saint Petersburg and found that the phone is connected to the MTS network. All incoming calls in your journey is free. Calls to the St. Petersburg rooms, you pay on your home Orenburg rate. In other words, calls to numbers of subscribers of St. Petersburg will cost the same as calls to Orenburg, when you are at home. If you have a fare that included package minutes will be charged minutes from this package. For example, users of the tariff “Super MTS” home, free local calls MTS and to other operators in the region — home for the usual price. Calls from St. Petersburg to Orenburg, Moscow and any other Russian city outside of the Leningrad region will cost only 5.5 rubles per minute. Read more about traveling with your tariff can be found on the website.

Love to travel, write SMS? Messages to the numbers the region of residence are 1.95 ruble, and all the other rooms of Russia — 2.95 ruble.

Additional savings for talkers

If you have a batch rate, say, one line Smart for short trips is good option “Home package Russia” daily fee 10 rubles, which is charged only if you are outside your home area and being connected to the MTS network, call long distance. The fee is similar to the option “Home package Russia” is 100 rubles — this is the option for long trips. Both options give you the opportunity to make long-distance calls, spending packages of minutes included in the tariff. By the way, the option works in your home region.

For tariffs without the included packs, for example, “Super MTS”, you can activate the option “Everywhere like at home Russia”. With her during your travels around the country when roaming in MTS network outgoing calls beyond the region of the stay on any rooms Russia will cost 3 rubles per minute (instead of 5.5 rubles). Payment for the option daily — only 3 rubles and will pay for itself, if you travel to Russia you are calling long distance numbers at least a few minutes a day.

Distant shores

If on vacation you go to another country, you need to understand that the underlying cost of the mobile services abroad are considerable. And the best way to protect yourself from significant monetary losses is to connect one of the optimizing options.

Talk and swing

Perhaps you are a true universal mobile connection, and then you need the option “Subprime” with tangible benefits and voice communication and mobile Internet. In short, “Subprime” will allow you abroad to use their packages and Internet included in the rate, for the home, including free incoming calls, — for 350 rubles per day. The money is taken only in the case if you did use mobile services abroad, and therefore disable the option upon returning home do not have. To clarify the details of the action options in different countries here.


For chatty suitable option “Zero without borders”, which is connecting for 145 rubles a day, you can make calls to Russia for 45 minutes a day, and the same is given to incoming any of. The option works in 53 countries list and other details can be seen here. After leaving the limit the cost of calls will be 39 rubles per minute. To activate the option dial *111*4444 and press the call button. Subscription fee is charged daily, so upon returning home do not forget to disable the option with the same command— *111*4444. By the way, if your smartphone supports modern Wi-Fi Calling, through any Wi-Fi network around the world you can talk on house prices.


If while roaming you will need mobile Internet, use one of the options “BIT abroad”. They are suitable for regular Internet surfing and social networking, and email. The option price depends on what country you’re in. Detailed conditions can be found on the website of MTS. The connection options are worth nothing, and the fee per day is charged only if you have used the mobile Internet.

Leaving abroad, it is important to know that many phones and tablets by default, try to update the installed software through mobile Internet. To prevent this and to avoid unexpected expenses, turn off automatic updates on your gadget. On Android this is done in the settings of system apps Google play, the Apple gadgets in the General settings of the device in the iTunes.

Often departing in the journey of a person the question arises, how much for calling him abroad will pay close. Answer: nothing. If people are calling a normal mobile number, and not purchased at your destination. So take your home number, connect to the desired option and rest in peace.

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