MOSCOW, 1 Jan — RIA Novosti, Tatyana Melikyan. The Siberian cat, a gift a few years ago the President of Russia to the Governor of Akita Prefecture, gained eighteen pounds and have learned to understand Japanese. Living gifts is an exception to the first persons of the state. But to choose the right souvenir is a difficult task. About who and how to solve and where the missing gifts of the President — in the material RIA Novosti.

Man’s best friend

Luxurious Siberian cat named Peace was a response to Japanese courtesy — dog breed Akita inu, which Putin presented with gratitude for the help in liquidation of consequences of the tsunami. This breed is considered a national treasure of Japan, and about love of Putin to the dogs has long been well known. Most often in front of cameras appeared Labrador Koni. She, too, was a gift in 2000 and a little black puppy brought Sergei Shoigu. Ten years later in Bulgaria, Putin received another live gift Bulgarian shepherd dog. The name was chosen by the entire country, stopped on a variant of Buffy. Offered him the boy with their parents were invited to Putin.

In 2017 the Russian President went to another Chinese crested dog (small for some reason, never gave). At the talks in Sochi the President of Turkmenistan took out carrying the puppy Alabai and highly lifted him up by the scruff. Putin took the dog pressed to his chest. When a confused puppy dropped on the carpet, he ran to sniff the Ministers. Alabi called Faithful is one of the strengths of the breed. And the weak are there, perhaps not.

Of all the living of the gifts received by the President, it is time to make a mini-zoo: there will be Arabian horses and Orlov trotters, Akhal-Teke stallions of the breed, which began to give, when it became known that Putin is engaged in horse riding, and the dwarf pony, and even a Siberian tiger. There was a case brought in Novo-Ogaryovo box, and in it stripes. Of course, for security, and for Putin himself, it was not a surprise, but the journalists, who were then in residence, were very surprised. A tiger cub named Masha. As she grew older, gave to the Safari Park in Gelendzhik.

How many puppies during his English President Putin himself — not count.

Not Protocol approach

Practical people asked Putin not puppies and kittens and, for example, hours. Memorable story about how the President gave the son of a Tuvan shepherd your Blancpain, removing them from the wrist. Not gold, not platinum, but cost about six thousand dollars. After a while the situation repeated itself — in the Tula when a fitter in a munitions factory suddenly suggested: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, maybe something as a present memory?” Finally got the watch. More, however, such episodes were not. Putin often gives the anniversaries a watch, but not with their own wrist.

Gifts picks, of course, not the President, and office Protocol. Always important, the meaning of the gift. For example, the Chairman of the CPRF Gennady Zyuganov on the anniversary received from the President the figure of Chapaev on his horse. But Yevgeny Primakov — Primus “Record 1” of the 1980-ies. The fact that Primakov was the unofficial name of “Primus” in consonance with the first syllable of his surname. Besides, from the Latin “Primus” means “first”.

During the official visits of heads of state, as a rule, exchanged Souvenirs. Here we have to mention that the Khokhloma and Gzhel long gone. All items are in accordance with service protocols. It is logical that information about the Hobbies of presidents is the main clue. But this is too simple a solution — it is impossible infinitely to give fishing rods for those who like to fish. The options are looking interesting.

Barack Obama once gave a Tome about the history of Russian-American relations. Alexander Lukashenko — a Soviet periodicals dedicated to the liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders. The President of Egypt — rare Kalashnikov, his Venezuelan counterpart copy of blade of the national hero of the South American country of Simon Bolivar.

Someone — gadget, some to the bath with a beer

There are high-tech gifts: in 2014, the year Putin gave Chinese President XI Jinping a Russian production YotaPhone smartphone. But Dmitry Medvedev himself took the gift technique — his passion for gadgets is well known. During a visit to Silicon valley, Medvedev met with Apple founder Steve jobs and got a new iPhone. The residents of Comedy Club hotels in Gorki, Medvedev presented the “Apple” tablet with shows and its own production.

But from Putin to Medvedev get much more traditional gifts. For example, the painting “In the shop”, which “corresponds to what Mr Medvedev does”.

Sometimes heads of state give each other musical instruments. Now the former Argentine President Cristina Kirchner once presented to Putin the bandoneon is a musical instrument that accompanies the performance of tango. Her response was awarded a silver casket of manual work.

By the way, another female politician, Angela Merkel, Putin received a huge cuckoo clock and other nice little things: he loved in the GDR beer. “I am Angela from time to time carries a few bottles of beer Radeberger”, — Putin admitted. This summer he thanked her Goodies from Khanty-Mansiysk: brought to the meeting in Istanbul Sosva herring, whitefish smoked, pine nuts, cloudberries and other local delicacies.

XI Jinping, Putin brought the Russian and cartons of ice cream, and Siberian nuts, and honey with tea. And even bath: showed a sketch of a steam room and a cross-section of tree from which it was built. According to the press-Secretary of Putin, Dmitry Peskov, the frame is made from 200 year old cedar from the Altai.

The Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe gave Putin a samovar made of copper and wood, made in Tula in 1870. And when the President of Russia in a private order went to the wedding of the head of the Austrian Ministry of foreign Affairs Karin Kneissl, captured with a vintage macovigilance Tula samovar. Another gift was the performance of the Kuban Cossack choir.

The offerings to the clerics, of course, has its own specifics. The Pope gave the icon of the mother of God and with a majolica depicting the Vatican gardens, and later murals of the temple of Christ the Savior and several volumes of the ENCYCLOPAEDIA. Patriarch Kirill on the day of birth of the President, among other things, was given a painting by artist Paul Pokidysheva “Zamoskvorechye”.

Loved the gift — give to the state

For the first full-fledged negotiations with the President of the United States Donald trump that took place in the summer of 2018 in Helsinki, Putin as a souvenir picked a soccer ball. He promised to give it to his son Baron. Trump also laid emphasis on sports topics and presented Putin shirt Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, playing for the American team Washington Capitals and the puck.

Last summer, the press discussed the other gift trump: he was going to transfer to the head of the DPRK Kim Jong Ynu disk with the song Elton John Rocket Man. So, “man-rocket”, the trump, and called Kim Jong UN at a joint dinner.

By the way, the list of gifts given to the President of the United States, should be published in the Federal register. In addition, the American edition can obtain this information from the US State Department according to the law on freedom of information.

Thus, it is known that during the first official visit trump received a gift from the government of Saudi Arabia 83 of the subject, among which were swords, daggers, gun ammunition, two coat with fur of the Cheetah and tiger, traditional Arabic dresses and more. Other gifts Trump is not so colorful. The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, for example, gave him the photo, which depicted Donald trump father and the canadian Prime Minister, Pierre made in the hotel “Waldorf Astoria” in new York.

Previous presidents also got a good gift. In 2014, the most generous donor was the late Saudi king Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz. For the presents for the Obama family, he spent almost half a million dollars. Other cost Souvenirs modest. So, Prince William gave Obama a self-portrait with autograph (in the list of the Federal register, it was valued at $ 888), and Putin — coffee service and porcelain plates with images of sights of Saint-Petersburg (est — 1624 dollar).

The law officials in the United States are required to declare and hand over gifts from foreigners to the national archives. And the President is no exception. A large part of the Souvenirs received by the Russian head of state sent to the presidential library. Even if they are presented on birthday, it’s the property of the state. By law, the President can take him only a gift costing no more than five minimum wages, that is, about 30 thousand rubles.

The presidential library is the First building of the Kremlin, there is the office of the President. The library does not have the status of the Museum and its value in another — a kind of chronicle of the political history of the country.

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