The last thing I read, subscribers to the page of Larisa Guzeeva in Instagram, was a signature recipe of Apple jam, the secrets of which revealed the actress his fans on 15 August. That’s just to thank the fans the star has not had her page hacked, the hackers and the account began the typical mess.

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Guzeeva and Epple responded to a photo of 29-year-old son Kudryavtseva of sestrenkoy TV presenter has already become a grandmother. She grows one year old grandson play it so much. But a few hours ago, the actress was back on the Insta-space.

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“Dear subscribers! We got the account! It again belongs to me — Larissa Guzeeva! With love, will soon start to upload photos, videos and stories for you!”, — happily said the presenter in my first post the updated pages.

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Guzeeva a bucket of popcorn and forced to question his dielectric visited the cinema in the film “One day in Hollywood…”. Members congratulated the star with a return and finally thanked for “Apple charm”, noting the simplicity of the recipe. Some fans admitted that without Guzeeva Instagram was “wrong”.

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