Apple has eliminated the bug operating system security update to 12.4.1. The fault was discovered by the hacker pwn20wnd. It is possible to install on iPhone with latest OS version of the jailbreak tool with access to system privileges at the core. This was reported by Agency RNS.

Jailbreak allows you to access the file system and expand the capabilities of the device, to install third-party applications that are not in the App Store. These changes can cause contamination of the device by malware and spyware. Thus attackers can gain access to user messages, data about his whereabouts and phone records.

Developers fixed a security problem in the operating system kernel.

A few months ago Apple fixed a similar vulnerability in iOS 12.3. However, after accidentally reversed the fix in the latest update of the operating system for the iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPod touch sixth generation and other new models. A similar security bug fixed in the update operating system macOS 10.14.6.

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