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Experts publication KrebsonSecurity reported the discovery of a very unusual way of carrying out hack attacks on iPhone users. According to experts, the hackers call iPhone owners using swing rooms, fully corresponding to the number this Apple support. Room information is automatically generated directly on the iPhone without requiring that the number was in the contact book of the user. Experts stressed that this peculiarity in the new method of fraud is the most dangerous.

Hackers use a VoIP service to spoof your number to the official number Apple support and start calling the iPhone users. When the iPhone owner a call comes in, he sees on the screen an incoming call from Apple support. This is indicated by the number and description of the contact, which generates a fake call (for example incoming call from scammers in the screenshot below).

It is the fact that the call comes from a specific number automatically and causes potential victims to remain vigilant. Typically, these fraudulent calls are made from anonymous numbers, which most people just figure the crooks. In the case of new way, the owners of iPhone there are by far less suspicion.

During the calls, the scammers require victims ‘ personal information under various pretexts. Most often, the hackers claim of hacking Apple ID account and need to restore it right now to ensure the security of your account and attached to it credit card.

KrebsonSecurity experts urged iPhone users to exercise maximum vigilance and not to disclose any personal information over the phone, even if the call is supposedly coming from Apple.

Source: KrebsonSecurity.


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